Astrology: Much Potential Wisdom. Too Many Amateurs.

Astrology: Much Potential Wisdom. Too Many Amateurs.



From Mike:

My work in the world is ruled by Gemini.  It is the sign that rules our lungs and breathing.


"Rhythm is the carrier of life." Rudolph Steiner

By Elizabeth Jones,  

In Astrology, our lungs and breathing are ruled by Gemini and our hips and thighs are ruled by Sagittarius.  The quality of our breathing can show us how well we take in life. Our hips are symbolic of how well we move forward into life, how we go out into the world.  Once we feel the life force deeply into our lungs, we are better able to move out in the world. We are connected within and thus are better able to connect on the outer.

I feel this also impacts our sense of belonging to our life. It represents the intake of chi or prana thus readying us for the outward movement. The rhythm thus created allows us greater balance, a sense of deep order, and peace. There are many benefits to deep breathing, to understanding our breath and how it impacts the quality of our life.

I would like to suggest that during the powerful Full Moon this month in Gemini, that you include a breathing exercise into your practice to connect more consciously to the rhythm of life and your place in it.

Meanwhile from Elizabeth.

Aries- the head/face

Taurus- neck/throat/thyroid gland

Gemini- shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, bronchial tubes, thymus gland, diaphragm, oxygenation of the body through breathing (!)

Cancer- stomach, breasts, nutrition, digestion, uterus

Leo- heart, back, spine, vitality, body heat

Virgo- Intestines, food assimilation

Libra- kidneys, ovaries

Scorpio- generative system, sex organs, bowels, elimination of body wastes

Sagittarius- hips, thighs, muscles, sciatic nerves, motor nerve action

Capricorn- knees, joints, skeletal system, skin

Aquarius- calves of the legs, ankles, electricity of the body (also, the electromagnetic field around the body), circulatory system (joint rulership with Leo)

Pisces- feet, toes, lymph glands, mucous secretion.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Jones

P.O. Box 1002
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

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