Oct 17 , 2018


Solid Gold- Medicinal values of Turmeric

The healing power of turmeric goes beyond its well-known compound- Curcumin. Ar- Tumerone, a lesser known component in this herb is known to help increase the number of neural stem cells (NSCs)- the brain cells capable of continuous self –renewal, a mandatory requirement for brain repair. The research, done on rats, also found that the newly formed NScs also increase the number of fully differentiated neuronal cells, showing that a healing effect was taking place.Turmeric has thus become a promising candidate to support cell regeneration in neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Oct 02 , 2016


Antibiotics Getting Less Effective: Probiotics are Good Preventives

Read: How antibiotics make asthma worse? This is a huge subject because antibiotics can and do save lives. They also destroy all bacteria incl...

Oct 01 , 2016


Chemotherapy is a Poison

Essentially a cyanide derivative or some other cellular poison- It affects all fast growing cells. That includes all the hair follicles and ep...

Sep 30 , 2016


Over-the-Counter Drug Dangers Are Numerous

In a Time Magazine article January 10, 2005 Page 48, several so called alternative medications were singled out to have dangerous side effects. ...

Sep 29 , 2016


Codex Alimentarius: A Threat To Our Free Choice of Foods and Supplements

  TRIPLE DANGER ALERT To Health Care Professionals or Health Care ConsumersFrom Mike White, Executive Director of The Optimal Breathing Instit...

Sep 28 , 2016


Prescription Drug Salesperson's "GIFTS" and No Free Lunch

Prescription drug sales and the gifts that help sell them to physicians. Some people give just to do good. Others give just to get. Pharmaceu...

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