Hypertension artérielle : l’améliorer et l’éliminer sans médicaments

Hypertension artérielle : l’améliorer et l’éliminer sans médicaments

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High Blood Pressure: Improve and Eliminate It without Drugs

Dealing with Hypertension? Try this Optimal Breathing Exercise and experience the difference!

Eliminate High Blood pressure without Drugs

Leading-edge medical professionals such as Drs. Andrew Weil, Michael Kudlas, and Robert Fried are teaching that optimal breathing has many more benefits than heretofore realized by modern medicine.

Several clients have told me that their so-called uncontrollable high blood pressure was handled by using one of my recorded breathing exercises Better Breathing Exercise #1

Science has proven that there are many other aspects of hypertension that can be assisted by breathing correctly. Our Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit trains people to breathe with an even, balanced, energetic quality.

I do not treat illness. I only work toward establishing optimal breathing. The neat thing about that is that many illnesses just diminish or disappear when the breathing gets better.

Considering all the negative drug side effects and money spent on blood pressure controls, I am hoping that many of you will try this safe, inexpensive way to ease the pressure on your nervous system.

Non-Drug Treatment for High Blood Pressure

There's a new training technique that may help lower blood pressure with no side effects. It is available without a prescription. It is a recorded guided exercise adding very special sounds and a very particular way of breathing that has caused many to reduce high blood pressure, even when drugs were unsuccessful in doing so.

It is called Optimal Breathing Exercise #1. After one or more sessions with the kit, including the Optimal Strapping Technique and Diaphragm Strengthener, one’s breath rate begins to lower. The pause rate lengthens as well.

Often, within a few minutes to days of use, blood pressure is lowered, with no side effects. Diet, supplements and proper exercise can be valuable adjuncts, hence the holistic Health Questionnaire included in the kit.

Exercise #1 is included in the Deepest Calm program

Learn to Breathe Better with The Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit.

Meet Mike White

Meet Michael Grant White, the Optimal Breathing Coach and get actionable insights on your breathing development, health and longevity

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