Avantages et inconvénients de l'entraînement en altitude

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https://Optimalbreathing.com/blogs/exercise-and-athletics/altitude-training-pros-and-consType in "altitude training pros and cons" in the Optimal breathing.com search engine to access this page that includes many hyperlinks.  
Altitude/Breathing Resistance  Training Pros and ConsThis can be tricky to get one's mind around. Lots to learn. 
The forced inhalation actually adds to chest tension. For example, I use an Altitude Training Mask and my breathing volume lessens. 
Studies I have read show that altitude training is only appropriate for the top 1% of athletes overall conditioning. They usually have licensed trainers overseeing them.  
The forced inhales It actually add to chest tension. For example, I use a Training Mask and my breathing volume lessens. 

Same tension issue for any breathing resistance trainer including my diaphragm strengthener or any spirometer. They ALL create tension and  NONE do anything to RELEASE  that tension.  They help condition and strengthen the diaphragm but create tension that reduces the optimal breathing window and breathing VOLUME.I often show people how they can check in with how their breathing feels now, then do the strapping technique to open up the rib cage and they feel the expansion of breathing ease or to keep it simple MORE THAN BEFORE, then do the breathing resistance trainer, then see if they feel any lessened (LESS THAN BEFORE), breathing volume which some do but that is often tricky to sense. 
So then I have them do the strapping technique again and when they feel the expanded breathing they realize that they had not noticed what the breathing resistance trainer had done to reduce their breathing volume; how the resistance trainer had tightened up their breathing. Boiling a frog comes to mind.

Our Optimal Breathing kit INCREASES LUNG VOLUME like no self-help program on earth. Quickly (in seconds) and easily. We highly recommend you get one. It has our diaphragm strengthener (ODS) and special 12 foot strap (see the video demo given in this article to offset the restriction caused by the diaphragm strengthening. You can easily measure the before and after of using the DS and strapping technique via the first test 1. Number count on the  and Breathing rate 2nd test.  Check our Free Breathing Test. Your number count score (think volume) will increase after you release the tension from the breathing resistance training albeit our DS, multi plug system or any altitude or resistance training technique including spirometers and ones that use nitrogen to simulate altitude.

In other words, BREATHING RESISTANCE - ALTITUDE - ELEVATION trainers have been used for everything from diaphragmatic/primary and accessory muscles of ventilation to COPD to alleged athletic prowess. The problem is they can help, but may also hinder. They may help by simply strengthening muscles of respiration, and that of course improves ventilation inhalation and expiration but only up to a certain crossover point. In the training/exercise process, if not integrated with releasing the tension (bodywork may help but is comparatively expensive and time consuming and the tension(s) can reappear quite quickly), one can add tension in the rib cage and accessory breathing muscles and breathing coordination inviting shallow breathing and reduced breathing volume. They may also invite exercise induced asthma. Again, boiling a frog comes to mind.

I strapped a man at the Huntsman games right before his racewalk. He came back to me and said "that technique was the reason I won. My breathing was so much deeper and easier".  Watch this quickie about Charlie Boyle. It has some huge insights.  
Gasping and breath heaving invites exercise induced asthma for sure. Watch the long distance runners.  It's the nose breathers that last the longest until maybe the last small % of the race. Read more about nose breathing.

According to the Framingham Study (we have, for those who ask, an interview of the leaders of the study) breathing volume is the primary marker for how long you're going to live.  

With that in mind, we include, in our Optimal breathing kit, our Diaphragm Strengthener (DS) and our special strap  as well our strapping technique showing how to offset the tensions caused by restrictions to the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles due to exercising with any breathing resistance trainer. (Our diaphragm strengthener is used independently of aerobic exercise/movement and is an exercise in itself.)

Some breathing resistance training sales-people state that varying degrees of resistance can be equal to varying altitudes. That to me is a bit of a stretch due to the massively wide variety of lungs, bodies, tensions, postures, conditions etc.

They also state the more alveoli that come into contact with the oxygenated air, the more oxygen will be available to the body as well as the release of CO2. This can be true depending, but if you're decreasing the volume you're also decreasing the alveolae and CO2 releasing capabilities. A stronger diaphragm is a good thing but a lessened breathing volume is counter to the Framingham study that proved breathing volume is directly related to life span; how long you will live.  So, many go for cardio but breathing volume becomes more and more  senior as you age and of course given identical conditioning,  a larger engine (breathing volume – think 12 cylinder Ferrari) will always outperform a smaller one (think a lawnmower engine).  So we see a major conflict of interests here.

For those concerned about CO2 balance (many are overly concerned due to internet hype but it can be quite relevant) both our Breathing kit and  Resistance Training Adjuncts greatly aid CO2 balance. This CO2 factor is often hard to measure and is used to sell a few programs that often cause more  problems than they help.  We recommend taking our Free Breathing Tests for more measurable CO2 factors and homing in on the EXTENDED pause.

Metaboreflex is where the body restricts blood flow to the limbs when the breathing muscles fatigue. The body will do this to ensure the role of breathing continues. This is because breathing is crucial to survival. Therefore, when the body experiences a conflict between breathing and moving, breathing wins out.

How does metaboreflex work?

As soon as the body senses a conflict between breathing and extreme activity, it will redirect blood flow to the breathing muscles, for survival. In doing so, blood flow to the exercising limbs shuts down, allowing the diaphragm a chance to recover. What this tells us is that the stronger the diaphragm is, providing the breathing coordination is not hindered via excessive thoracic tensions inviting shallow breathing, the faster it can recover. Consequently, stronger breathing muscles, if not overtaxed, can in turn, during rest and recovery, result in a better blood supply to your working limbs. This may result in a better sports performance, IF the primary and accessory breathing muscles have not become overly tightened/constricted. 

If for whatever reason you wish to get more intense than with our DS we offer a set of breathing resistance training plugs that quickly (5 seconds) and easily insert into the Mega Flow Mask in varying combinations of 1 hole one side and a no-hole plug on the other; 1 hole each side, 1 hole on one side and two holes on the other side;   two holes on each side.  Use one for 2-3 minutes after your breathing or Turbo exercise session but make sure you do the strapping technique after using any breathing resistance or altitude trainer including our DS or even a hospital spirometer.  Experiment with the various combinations. They come with a strap and online video instructions how to use the strap.
If you do not have our mask or kit you may order them separately with this breathing resistance training kit for only $35.00 plus shipping.
The  mask comes free with the Reservoir bag or ask us for our special
Resistance/ Mask combination price .  

If that is not enough then you can get an Elevation Training Mask and see what else you learn. I caution you against this but they are well marketed and many think they help them. Probably because they have not used our kit or our Turbo Oxygen system. Your call

I realize the above is a lot to absorb and you're most welcome to call for any clarification you may wish. Call us or send us an email.


Mike and Sudev


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