Qigong : art et science chinois de la création et de la gestion de l'énergie humaine

Qigong : art et science chinois de la création et de la gestion de l'énergie humaine

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The Chinese art and science of creating human energy and managing it for Defense, Medical for healing one's self or others and Spiritual experience and expression. I include key aspects of it in my work.

Qigong is an ancient and very powerful system being a part of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are at least 2,400 styles of Qigong throughout the world. The challenge is to find a teacher that is qualified and how to qualify the teacher: results and word of mouth may be the best way. 

Medical Qigong is where I place most of my attention. There are NO new fundamentals. If you button the first button of a suit properly, the other buttons naturally will fall in line. I have discovered that many medical Qigong teachers are not well versed in mechanical breathing fundamentals.

There are no widely known and published versions of agreed upon Qigong training guidelines. To have someone say they practice Qigong should not imply they have the teaching skills that you want or need. There may not be any bad Qigong however there are those that would say they are doing Qigong that really are teaching proper fundamentals. Generally, learning strong fundamentals needs to happen sooner than later. The longer you practice improperly the more correction(s) you may need and the less benefits you will experience in the long run  

I encourage you to learn what you can learn from those listed below as they all have excellent reputations for varying levels of proficiency and often achieve excellent results. I will over time make a list of the groups and individuals that I come in contact with that seem to me to represent quality and integrity.

The below information is to heighten your concern about who to choose for a teacher. Choose wisely. Best is referrals. Ask those that have worked with that person how they feel about him or her. Consult with any of the below list to see if they know of this person. First, read the "Qiyong-Induced Mental Disorders" comment below

Qiyong Induced mental disorders: A Review
-Beng-Yeong Ng Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 1999;33;197-206.
Roughly 5% of the people that practice Qigong in China develop  "deviations" from health as a result of that practice. 76% of those do not have an adequate guide or instructor.   

  1. J Michael Wood, (Nashville, TN)
    Chairman of the board (2004) of the NQA and is on the core faculty of the Optimal Breathing School, He is working extensively with the licensed psychiatric community.

Recommended sites and teachers that I have worked with personally
www.nqa.com   Desert Hot Springs, Ca. Medical Qigong. Reverend Bernhard Shannon; The primary teacher is Chinese Master Duan, just turned 103 years old. 
www.Qigong.com  Jeff Primack. Florida. A good amalgm of Qigong, pranayama, insights from breathwork ala rebirthing and mostly live food blended nutrition. He works with large and small groups quite well.   
www.healingdao.com  Asheville, NC. Michael Winn has been studying Qigong for several decades.  Great trips to China to learn and practice the various forms .    
www.warriorsofstillness.com  Jan Diepersloot.  My first exposure to Qigong. Great guy. Walnut Creek, California.   

 Making your qigong much more effective

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