Dommages aux grains - Repenser le régime riche en amidon

Dommages aux grains - Repenser le régime riche en amidon

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Dr. Douglas Graham's masterful 39 page booklet
"Grains are often an unidentified risk. Most grains break down to sugar very rapidly and can cause the same problems with insulin dysregulation". Dr. Joseph Mercola

From Mike White: 
The Chinese characters for "fasting" literally translate into "avoiding grains".
"Grains are a recent addition to our diet, one that has not served us well. They seem to have an addictive quality. After working with people for many years I have found they thrive better on a grain free diet. It was only by eliminating grains completely from my diet that 'i was able to resolve my chronic allergy problems." -Jeff Novick, M.S., R.D., L.D. /Director Nutrition, Pritikin Longevity Center.

 "My speed, endurance, strength, recovery, coordination, and flexibility have all improved tremendously since going on the starchless diet. My overall fitness has never been better. I have been on Dr. Graham's program for two years, am playing my best basketball, and I am not looking back"
-Ronnie Grandison, age 34, New York Knicks
"Having had extensive experience working with hundreds of food addicts, I know this to be the first and only publication that exposes the real physiological cause of eating disorders. It belongs on the shelf of every health care professional."
-Prof. Rozalind Grubin, AHSI, RSA
"As Dr. Graham has shown, grain crops are not a natural food for humans...grain farming has stripped the fertile Earth of its minerals. Grain crops are processed, cooked, eaten, and eliminated into the sewers and waterways of civilization. Erosion wears down unstable grain fields washing minerals away. Jungles are turned into rice paddies. One way or the other the soil minerals end up at the bottom of the ocean. Your choice to go "against the grain" radically helps the planet."
-David Wolfe, Author, Nature's First Law; the Raw Food Diet.
A common misconception from a leading medical doctor. Dr. Andrew Weil. Copied from his website May 19, 2002

"Grains are good for you – they provide a mix of carbohydrate, protein and fat and plenty of fiber. Experiment with exotic varieties of rice – red and black are beautiful and delicious -- and discover the distinctive flavors and textures of buckwheat groats (kasha) and quinoa, grain-like seeds from Eastern Europe and South America."
I disagree. I stopped grains completely and noticed my memory became sharper. I believe there is a relationship between grain consumption, addictions, and Alzheimer’s disease
-Michael Grant White,

Thyroid function and grains.

E-mail to Mike from Dr. Graham.
Basically, when grains ferment, (something that almost always happens when they are consumed, to some degree) acetic acid is formed. This stimulates the adrenals, and eventually the thyroid into hyperactivity. What goes up must come down, so the short term hyperthyroidism is followed by long term hypothyroidism, as per the Law of Dual Effect.

"I am sensitive to gluten, which is found in wheat. What grains are safe for me to eat?"
A: You can eat brown rice, corn, wild rice and buckwheat (also called kasha), all of which are easy to find. Less common grains that also are fine -- but you may have to hunt a bit for them - are amaranth, millet and quinoa.
Caution: If you have a gluten sensitivity, it is not enough to avoid wheat. You also must stay away from products containing rye, barley and spelt. Gluten can cause digestive problems in people who are sensitive to it.
Find out why this is so and why Dr. Graham takes an even harder line against ANY grain consumption.

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