Comment la respiration prénatale peut-elle faciliter l’accouchement ?

Comment la respiration prénatale peut-elle faciliter l’accouchement ?

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How Can Pre Natal Breathing Make Birthing Easier?

Gain insights into how prenatal breathing exercises and techniques can help with labor and delivery.

Pre Natal Breathing

Because of its need for so much deeper breathing and letting go, there is a huge breathing component to pre and perinatal experience.

Carrying the fetus pushes the breathing way up too high in the upper chest, and the force of pushing out during birthing helps drive it back down into the lower abdomen, where it belongs. Does not always work that way, though, so many mothers go throughout life with undetected breathing problem(s) leading to illness, emotional problems and personal power issues.

Cesarean delivery bypasses this experience and may cause the mother to be more susceptible to future breathing problems. I've read that many diets full of cooked foods cause babies to be larger than easy birthing allows for, inviting more need for cesarean delivery.

Water delivery and breathing development techniques in The Optimal Breathing Self-Mastery Kit help greatly with pre and perinatal experience.

Giving birth often helps resolve emotional issues (fear transforming to love) as a lot of what we can breathe through will lose its emotional grip on us. One reason it is often so helpful to take a walk if depressed. Breathing deeper, but only in a balanced way, is a great nervous system revitalizer and emotional cleanser. Singing is one example.

Being born is often traumatic and need not be (see water birthing above). The trauma may set up emotional/energetic patterns that gravitate one towards inconsistent actions throughout life. Resolving birth trauma has become a primary goal of rebirthers, and as powerful as it sometimes may be, this "solve all your problems in one experience" quick fix inference leads one open to the mistakes of well-meaning amateurs and the manipulations of those with inappropriate and often hidden agendas. Seek a licensed health professional for this type of experience.

The birthing experience is critical to the future of any human. Balanced breathing is critical to the balance of the nervous system. Develop your breathing prior to birthing and make the water birth or any birth easier and less stressful on the mother and baby.

Maintain and develop one's breathing through life and watch seemingly miraculous improvements in things like anxiety, addictions, poor self-expression, weight control, inadequate sleep, seizures, and many other conditions in life as they become even and manageable. A good place to start is Click here.

Learn to Breathe Better with The Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit.

Meet Mike White

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