How to use creatives to promote your affiliate account

How to use creatives to promote your affiliate account

Feb 07, 2024, By Shilpa Unnikrishnan

Creatives / media is one of the many effective ways to promote your affiliate account if you are a blog / website owner. 

How Does It Work?

  • Get an HTML code that represents your media image from your affiliate dashboard.

  • Paste the code wherever in the backend of your website/blog/any site you want to promote your affiliate products.

  • The code will reproduce the image in the frontend/ live view of the website once you publish it.

  • People clicking on the image will land on the product pages. For any purchase using these images and landings, you will enjoy commissions. 

We’ve built tens of hundreds of creatives in various sizes for you and you can access all of them from your affiliate account. Here’s how to access and use them:

From your dashboard, click on the “Creatives” tab.

You will see a number of graphic images divided into product categories.

Click on any image that you want to promote (we highly recommend you go through all the images before choosing the best one for you). You will get the code now.

Copy and paste the code on your website to show the creatives.

What Sizes Do We Offer?

We offer creatives in all standard sizes and are named accordingly. Here are the available sizes (in pixels):

  • 200 * 200

  • 250 * 250

  • 240 * 400

  • 300 * 250

  • 336 * 280

  • 580 * 400

  • 780 * 90

Should you have any specific size requirements, kindly reach out to us at and we will create them to your needs.

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