Set Yourself FREE! Four Resolution for this 4th of July, 2021

Set Yourself FREE! Four Resolution for this 4th of July, 2021

If the year 2020 has taught us one thing, it is to learn to respect and cherish our health. Our body’s ability to fight infections internally and ward off persistent external attacks is our most potent weapon. While it is heartening to witness the perception shift towards holistic health, the knee-jerk approach of fixing what needs to be fixed and moving on is not a wise strategy in the long term.


Our body’s defense mechanism is a complex system influenced by physiological, psychological, and social/demographical factors. Every second, our body learns to adapt, evolve, and fight with the oncoming onslaught in a more competent, efficient manner.


But are we giving it everything it needs to perform better? As we approach the long weekend dotted with the celebration of American Independence, I guess it is opportune to talk about setting ourselves free from pre-existing notions, debunk the myths, and put our immune systems on the right path.


Four Resolutions for a really FREE AMERICA


It’s not our prosperity, wealth and scientific advances that will make America great again. It is a rather basic, almost carnal need that will set us all free. And it is to create a healthier, happier nation, one citizen at a time!


Most of what happens with our health is a direct implication of our choices. By making the right ones, and choosing health over everything else could make us a nation that is able to face all challenges head on. If you feel that enough is enough and wish to take charge of how an independent United States of America could be disease free, the first step is to look at yourself. Here are four resolutions that you can start working on, right away


1.There’s no shortcut to a super healthy body-


The human body is a fascinating study of contrasts. We may be on the top of the food chain and infinitely superior to any other known species on earth, water, and sky. But our internal organs and systems are not as robust as most of the fauna in the wild. We are prone to infections from the nano-sized buggers-a bacteria (or a virus) can bring us down to our knees, breaking our well-built and guarded defense mechanisms and bringing our world to a halt.
The biggest lesson of the current Covid-19 pandemic that’s still raging its head around the world is this-Learn to build your defenses before you think you need them. Rather than going into the damage control mode every time a virus attacks us, our immune system needs to be kept in top shape to proactively work on boosting our immunity and nipping these threats in the bud.
Usually, by the time the symptoms are apparent in any disease, the damage has already been done. So a proactive approach towards building a healthier body rather than a reactive one where we fight the infection when it has already made inroads into our cells is the need of the hour, and there’s no shortcut to it.
Another thing, a holistic approach that covers all your bases rather than focusing just on “problem areas” is needed. You can’t keepyour heart healthy if your gut is not well. (more about this explained below)

2.The most ignored organ in our bodies is also the most important one!

Feel your gut. And keep it happy! Our stomach, the Centrepoint of our digestive system, is also the most crucial organ of our body, but unfortunately, it is the most ignored one. We want to wear clean clothes, live in a pristine environment, breathe in clean, germ-free air. But when it comes to our bellies, we fill it up with trash. I am not bringing up hygiene here. We eat absolute junk food, give our stomach all the right reasons to remain unsettled, shoveling down canned food, processed and packaged junk, and sugar-loaded drinks. Our stomach is a delicate organ but a sturdy companion. It’s the only organ that produces energy needed for the entire body. Our gut health often determines our immunity and overall health. When we are born, we are blessed with a stomach in pristine condition. But as we grow up, external influences and our own gravitating towards tastier but often unhealthier food intake options make it a complete mess. Gut health plays a crucial role in building our immune systems. “We are what we eat” is absolutely true, and I leave the interpretation about the readers’ self-image to their own “gut” feeling.


3.Mind over matter!


Nature gave us stress as a response to trigger flight or fight instincts. So naturally, not all stress could be harmful. But today, stress is poorly managed, and stress responses are not understood. The long-term effects can manifest themselves in physical, mental, and behavioral ways. The potential adverse effects are multiple from insomnia, back and muscle pains, anxiety, depression, and unhealthy dietary changes. Our mind is our powerhouse, governing and guiding the various systems of our body towards their true potential. If we are not getting enough sense of calm, its ability to weather away the storms diminishes over time.


Brain health and the health of our entire nervous system are interlinked with other functions and systems of our body. So being mindful is not just a process to stay calm. You have to learn to live it every minute. It is essential to include this in our lifestyle because mindfulness in everything, be it eating, sleeping, or breathing is the right way of treating our body with the respect that it truly deserves.


 4.Don’t undermine the importance of correct breathing


By now, the whole world knows about oxymeters, SPO2 levels, and everything else that was not part of the common lexicon. A large part of our overall health is dependent on the way oxygen reaches and courses through our cells. It’s oxygen that keeps the fire burning inside us, literally and figuratively speaking. Our respiratory system plays a vital role in keeping our cells healthy, bringing the right amount of help wherever needed, and sending the right signals to the mind. Oxygen plays a crucial role in the growth, development, and maintenance of our bodies.
Most shallow breathers suffer from what I call unbalanced hyper-inhalation. They often mouth-breathe, breath-heave, and/or gasp to get the air they need to support their exertions. This kind of charged breathing can develop respiratory problems and related oxygen deficiency diseases, including heart conditions, strokes, depressions, asthma, high blood pressure, and so on. The magnitude of the crisis in modern medicine demands immediate and broadly pervasive consumer action to enhance health and curb medical spending. Appropriate but straightforward breathing development practiced vigilantly and daily can precipitate an absolutely remarkable revolution in our personal lives and influence the history of human health care and medical evolution.
Just like our country is made of 50 states, working independently, yet united in our goals of equality and prosperity, the human body is a “nation” of various organs and systems working in cohesion to create an optimal carrier for our period on earth. Each one of us is unique and special, and our bodies deserve respect and care so they can function at their optimal capacity, helping us achieve our true potential and contribute to our healthy and successful life.
This Independence Day, let’s take a vow to build the United States of America the healthiest nation on the planet. With the correct approach and consistent efforts, being disease-free and staying healthy is entirely achievable. It is the ultimate success of any developed nation, and our country sure can do it if we all resolve to set ourselves free in the proper manner!