Integral Breathing

"Double Your Vitality and Heal Yourself by Breathing Better!"

Introduction to Integral BreathworkTM, called a "new world paradigm" in its approach to breathwork. Developed by Denis Ouellette in collaboration with Mike White, it incorporates the science of Optimal BreathingTM with traditional forms of transformational breathwork, creating a practice that is more gentle and safer. High-energy and cathartic forms of "overbreathing" are not used.

The six-hour Integral Breathwork Seminar starts with a practical understanding of the physiology of optimal breathing and its calming effects on the body's systems. We take some measurements and determine how you are breathing right now. We do several exercises to move you into a more optimal breathing pattern.

Then, we do preparation for, and lie down for a modulated, one-hour breathwork session, which will oxygenate and detox your body. It can release stored tension and resolve past trauma.

Along with the assistance of trained facilitators, your session will be guided by the innate healing intelligence of your body/mind. We take our time to complete, integrate, and ground your experience, then enjoy a discussion circle and refreshments.

Included with this article is an detailed outline of an optimal breathing pattern, entitled, The Pear + The Cone = The Wave, excerpted from Denis Ouellette's book, "Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound & Water."

Denis W. Ouellette, BA, BS, MT, OBDS.
Optimal Breathing School Faculty Member
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