Wim-Hof Breathing Method - Why You Need Optimal Breathing Instead!

Wim-Hof Breathing Method - Why You Need Optimal Breathing Instead!


Wim Hof. The Iceman.

LOTS of hyper drama. He is like a new drug. But has a lot to offer.

He says he is science-based but some reviews say not. (galimatias" was used near the end of an article to describe Hof's scientific language use: it is Nonsense, Meaningless!)” but I believe a lot of what he says is true.

I encourage people to try the Wim Hof breathing method. My disdain for a most conventional drug-based “medicine” makes me hope he does well and has a long life but I tend to doubt it. Cold showers or my hot tub with cold water in it after exercise are good to great but his severe cold approach is only partly good for a limited few who can repeatedly confront it, and live through it. 

Sitting in ice cubes often works for athletes' sore muscles. There are much more tolerable ways of addressing exponential energy, sore muscles and lactic acid buildup.

The Wim Hof breathing method gets people off their butts with his emotions and accomplishments and many break through their fears and close-mindedness which is very good. How many STAY with the extreme cold and have great health and long lives is to me the real issue. Too much shock to the body IMO. There is probably a crossover point where the cold will invite heart attacks.

I like Wim but... 

I agree with his negative take on the majority of the traditional allopathic medical world, though many conscious MDs are entering the holistic, alternative, complementary fold. It is often tricky to tell when they really do that though as many give lip service to try and show a meaningful connection; for example taking a weekend acupuncture course and adding the plaque on the office wall alluding to a significant skill level, is to me, a total farce.

Wim is pushing the envelope big time and he is a great advocate for risk and taking personal responsibility. His mount Kilimanjaro group is way overstated IMO except for potential altitude sickness.

When talking about swimming in cold water you have to include Lewis Pugh (note his obvious body fat in his recent swim in Antarctica).

We can get more enhanced breathability with the themes in our Optimal Breathing Kit.

Try this for a Gentle Awakening

Before you get out of bed. Practice this exercise (C23) from the Kit. Bring your knees up a bit or 90 degrees to your spine. Whatever is most comfortable.

Before you get out of bed after sleep. 

Lie in this position on your side.

Breathe deeply into OBW 6 or 7 allowing the passive exhale to just let go: Do not force out the exhale, just let it go and without allowing any pause and repeat. Try thinking IN 2,3,4 OUT 2,3,4; IN 3,3,4, OUT 2,3, 4; IN 4,3,4 OUT 2,3,4; IN 5,3,4 OUT 2,3,4; IN 6 3,4,OUT 2,3,4; IN 7 ,3, 4 OUT 2,3,4; IN 8,3,4 OUT 2,3,4; IN 9,3,4 OUT 2,3,4; IN 10,3,4 OUT 2,3,4 and so on. Continue with this pattern on up to 50. 

The first IN number is so you can keep track of how far you are toward 50. The OUT 2,3.4 is letting the exhale go. 

See if you feel any buzzing, currents or breeze-like sensations. Whether you do or not then repeat the 50. Do it again and again if you wish; for hours even. You can arise or remain in bed while the energy sinks deeper/integrates into your cells. 

This can also work right before bedtime to make your sleep more productive. If it keeps you awake then do it a few hours before bed or not at all before bed. Understand that this is an exercise in the kit, and one of 30 others for breathing development.

I am more about inner peace, energetic states of calm, gentle development, vitality/longevity/life span, and breathing easy, as well as making long term decisions guided by that state of energy. Wim and Stig Severinsen are more about a major in athletic accomplishment with a minor in health but take it to super extreme cold. 

To me, they miss most people who might confront rational exercise but not the extreme cold. A bit of a dog and pony show with some potentially good benefits. We need way less sick people, not more record breakers IMO. C23 is a gentle but dependable introduction to awakening your breathing consciousness.

I also recommend using my Turbo Oxygen System for optimal efficiency, endurance, stamina, recovery and high energy sports. One can add the cold (showers work as well and are much more convenient) if and when one desires. Athletes can opt into the cold factor anytime they wish but our O2 system will accelerate their progress way more than the cold will. Our system will also reduce or eliminate lactic acid buildup. 

Develop the breathing as well.

Overview of the Turbo Oxygen System

EWOT ON STEROIDS Based On Oxygen Multistep Therapy aka OMT

Accelerating wellness, physical endurance, mental clarity and more. People today are more health conscious than ever. Men and women have always used the gym as a social venue as well as a fitness venue, but many of these people that used to belong to gyms now find it easier and more convenient and lately even gas saving to work out at home with store bought equipment.

You know the feeling when you actually wake up early to workout?


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