Inflammation, Breathing and Oxygen.

Inflammation, Breathing and Oxygen.


Lots of talk about inflammation issues these days. Inflammation is not a cause, it is a symptom. Acute or chronic. Acute is the warning and healing reaction. Chronic is the bad one.

It will be interesting when we can scan for low grade chronic inflammation and then using medicine, or diet or exercise find a way to turn off the inflammation. How then is inflammation just a marker for other things, or is it the direct problem/cause? It seems as if inflammation is partly a warning system or healing process and now to find out it is causing damage directly, then just turning off the inflammation may have other negative side effects (like turning off the blood clotting when you find out scaring is bad for you).

Seems like the inflammation can occur from dozens of different systems and it is hard to squelch the body's systems when it is so complicated and we still don’t fully understand how it works, or why exactly. You have 60,000 miles of arteries in your body and so if those get inflamed or damaged in the lining or how they work to transfer blood and the healing effect they have, then of course your body won’t work as well. Imagine the surface area of 60,000 miles of pipeline in anything and if that is damaged by just 5%, how much damage total that would equal. It is amazing that the cardiovascular systems work as well as they do. Medical schools to this day still teach that cholesterol is the center of that solar system vs. inflammation as the center and so we still toss out a new Statin drug to fix your cholesterol problem, when in fact the cholesterol is just a good marker, but not the cause.

For example: a raw food colleague (and PhD scientist) used  a dark field microscope , more powerful than conventional microscopes for some hard to see substances, to test his blood a few minutes after having eaten raw macadamia nuts. He could see the massive amounts of undigested particles in his blood (think small versions of allergens ). Particles that will invite the body to treat them as invaders and send white blood cells phagocytes to destroy them, hence inflammation issues. Modern science looks at phagocytes as a response to bacterium but the blood will react to anything not easily assimilated/digested. Add the most cooked food to this list.

The message is that practically anything we eat will cause varying degrees of phagocytes and phagocytosis. It is a question of degree. Raw foods usually digest themselves so the body does not have to send armies to "destroy the invader".  A good reason why RAW VEGANISM is becoming so popular these days. Raw foodism is not the all to be all but it is life saving for many. Paul Bragg for example was 85% raw and 15% cooked. George Malkmus, founder of Hallelujah Acres is about 80/10.

Did you know that excessive fat on the waistline is a sign of chronic inflammation?

Did you know that oxygen is the ultimate natural anti-inflammatory? Coincidentally it burns fat.

How do you usually get most of your oxygen? Breathing.

What if you are breathing poorly? What if shallow, distorted, unbalanced insufficient breathing is producing adrenaline, histamine, cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine causing inflammation 24/7/365 and never stops doing that (unless you stop breathing)? Add pesticides, herbicides and GM ingredients, vaccinations; they all add to chronic inflammation issues.

Because breathing is the primary life force and due largely to its own negative influence on itself  and cellular function, poor breathing causes oxygen shortage and allows still more inflammation.  The moment to moment self perpetuating cycle continues 24/7/365. But so few think of breathing as the first place instead of the last place one should investigate when any evidence of disordered energy presents itself. Start with breathing, lest healing be like threading a needle riding a fast moving horse.

The inflammation creates cell energy “brownouts”.

How are  “brownouts” a problem? Imagine your car engine never getting a tune up and collecting massive amounts of unburned debris that now clog the engine's moving parts.

How to fix the problem and the “brownout”? By getting enough oxygen into your blood and blood vessels to remove the "sludge". Living foods is one way to accomplish that (salads anyone) but that can take weeks to years for meaningful results. The body and blood LOVES oxygen. In fact it can't survive more than a few minutes without it. Get it?

Vascular Cell View

Imagine yourself as a cell in your vascular system. You’re part of a pipe that carries blood.

But, all the oxygen on the red blood cells gets lessened and  far away cells never receive enough. 

Imagine you’re like a fish: you breathe the oxygen dissolved in the water, called plasma. But what if the plasma lacks sufficient oxygen?

Now let’s imagine some stress that used up your cellular oxygen and crashed the oxygen supply in your plasma.

When the oxygen runs out, you become anaerobic—and when the glucose (blood sugar- the good sugar) runs out, your metabolism crashes, you hold onto toxic waste and you blow up like a water balloon.

Now you’re a bloated cell in a limited sized pipe, and you and your now bloated neighbors make a bottleneck that restricts blood flow.

Next, many cells brown out because you reduced the oxygen supply.

The brownout will last until you recover. The brownout is causing vascular inflammation issues.

Cellular Brown-Outs

The brownout is a group of cells with reduced energy because of reduced oxygen.

Cells in the brownout area are still alive—they look normal on medical tests—except they’re in survival mode running at minimal power, making a lot of acid-smog-sludge, weakening the immune system.

Brownouts are bad because:

They accelerate aging as energy stressed cells will wear out faster.

They create a safe haven for disease—with low energy, acid-stressed cells, overloading the immune system.

They shift your whole-body pH towards acid as lactic-acids replace needed CO2 creating abnormal acid/alkali balance and they cause fatigue because these cells are stuck in “low power mode” at minimal functionality.

Fixing Brownouts

What is the most important substance needed to recover?  Simple: more oxygen.

How do you get it?

1. Breathing. Good breathing that is.

But you are also blocking your own oxygen supply because you’re bloated.

Vascular inflammation is chronic, and health issues triggered by stress last a long time and only recover after some kind of super-oxygen event—if ever.

Concentration and force 

So what if you could unclog the bottleneck made of ballooned cells. How would you do it?

Simple: Develop the breathing and shoot  super-oxygenated plasma into the cells.

Threshold Level

There has to be enough oxygen in blood plasma to be meaningful; and there needs to be enough pressure for the oxygen to reach the plasma. Without enough oxygen and pressure—at the same time—it just won’t work.

How would you do it?

Back in the real world, this is a simple recipe:

Optimal anti-inflammatory protocol  1. Develop your breathing. 2. Oxygen Supplementation3. Internal cleansing.  4. Juicing and alkalinity.  5. Back off on cooked foods.

For the balance of the big picture we included our Building Healthy Lungs Naturally (BHLN) in the Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kitsupplemental CD. You may still want to see a holistic health professional such as an ND, DO, Nutritionist, preventive medicine MD, acupuncturist who also works with herbs or a multi-modality based chiropractor. The BHLN will help you qualify such a person.

International study points to inflammation as cause of plaque buildup in heart vessels, researchers say.   Hearts go into spasm (attack) largely due to insufficient oxygen.

I personally advocate the coronary artery calcium scan. Not the all to be all but fairly inexpensive and quite valuable for many after age 40. After all, chelation therapy which I had twice in my thirties just out of curiosity helps break down bad calcium binding plaque in the blood vessels.

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