Sexual Energy for Men and Maybe Women Too.

Sexual Energy for Men and Maybe Women Too.


Sexual Energy for Men and maybe women too.

At the risk of putting a small few of you off I have an interesting experience to report.  Interesting to me anyway.  Energy is energy but often it manifests in very special ways. The fact of the matter is that sex drive is an incredibly important aspect of many people's lives. Sexual energy is what I classify as EXTRA energy.

As you must know, walking, swimming, bicycling or some form of cross-training or treadmill will each work independently to improve sex drive.  But what if you've no time or opportunity for them, or no legs even? Or do you just want more energy than you already have? 

I tried Viagra. It left me feeling depleted.

Better breathing combines with massive increases of oxygen, metabolic and cellular energy for a great sex "driver". They work independently or together. Without thinking about it.  I combined  the breathing exercises & diaphragm development techniques and exercises in the Optimal Breathing Kit with Better Breathing Exercise #2 and E3Live. What a significant boost in sex drive I got and what a pleasant surprise that was.

It's not that E3Live or the breathing exercises are some sorts of aphrodisiac. The overall  balanced energy gives me more sexual energy because sexuality is a part of the energetic system. I get more of that as well. E3Live also makes me want to exercise more and you all must know the benefits of exercising.

The key is what gives one the most energy with the least energy expenditure to get that new energy. It's an efficient thing. Better Breathing Exercise #2allows for maximal aerobic energy build-up with the least effort possible. E3Live is liquid and powder and pretty much predigested so it doesn't clog the system with extraneous material and passes the blood-brain barrier in the wink of an eye. ;-) .

The 176 video expands the breathing system to make it larger and more balanced. For the E3Live liquid I, due to stress or energy output levels of the day, use sometimes (up to two ounces daily but start slow at one tablespoon and build up in a week or two or more).

It might well make a nice energy surprise for some unsuspecting couch potato; part of our weight loss program as well.

No guarantees on this one but you HAVE to try it. It is across the board the best organic natural energy source next to breathing I have ever come in contact with.

Healthy sexuality is a natural part of being human. Just please use the "energy" responsibly and ...................enjoy. 
Mike White

Dear Mike:
Thanks for letting me sample the E3Live liquid, and insisting I try it. There have been a couple of things that have happened worth noting:

  1. I have felt much more energetic and focused within just a couple of days of beginning to use E3Live, also,
  2. My wife tried it and after the third day, she said she noticed a significant increase in her libido!

She asked me to order some more, and I have now done so. It seems that this is a product as good as its advertisement.

J Michael Wood

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