Acidic, inflammatory pain

Burdock root is used by the Chinese to eliminate excess nervous energy, sweat out toxins and cool infections (reduce yang).

Burdock is commonly consumed as a wild vegetable food. This plant is commonly used as a food item in Japan.

Arctium fruit is bitter. It

  • Shrinks inflamed tissues
  • Is antiseptic to treat
    • cold
    • cough
    • bronchitis
    • tonsillitis
    • measles
  • Increases the flow of urine to
    • lower blood pressure
  • Is laxative

Digestive/Liver stimulant (fat-soluble toxins)

Burdock root stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and bile and is useful in treating anorexia nervosa, digestion and appetite problems. In western herbal lore, it is a primary herb in "blood purifier" formulas as well as arthritis and respiratory combinations. Its effect gradually builds up the system, especially improving the health of the liver and skin. Burdock is effective in treating dry and scaly skin disorders such as psoriasis, dandruff and eczema, particularly when they are caused by a general systemic imbalance.

Kidney/Anti-inflammatory (water-soluble toxins)

Use when there is a lot of white in the iris of the eye showing a general over-acid condition. This leads to allergy reactions, skin eruptions as well as joint and muscle pain. Burdock is also used to treat cystitis.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties are helpful for endometriosis inflammation and water retention, as examples.

Improved kidney function helps rid calcification deposits. Burdock may gradually break up calcium deposits.


Hartwell mentions the use of burdock against tumors in several countries: China (record from AD 502) and Japan; Italy in the 12th century against cancers of the sinuous regions; and in Spain and Chile against "white" tumors and glandular tumors. A Ukrainian reference from 1887 mentions its application against corns. The related species Arctium minus (Hill) Bernh., or lesser burdock, was used against tumors by the Potawatomi Indians in the Midwest, in Italy and elsewhere against sinus tumors, breast and uterine cancers. It was used for "new growths" and ulcerations in Hungary and for skin diseases in Japan and skin eruptions in the US.

Make sure you combine this with breathing development.

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