Ephedra: Superfood Or Stimulants. True Vitality Or Over-Stimulation?

Ephedra: Superfood Or Stimulants. True Vitality Or Over-Stimulation?


Superfood or Stimulants. True Vitality or Over-Stimulation?

A Men’s Journal May 2003 article addressed the potential health risks of taking products that included stimulants like citrus aurantium, bitter orange, and ephedra. It reported that many athlete deaths suspiciously coincided with ingestion of these substances.

I can relate as I stopped recommending these products in the early 1990s after my herbalist colleagues gave me the heads up. These stimulants are also in a lot of weight loss products.              

Ephedra,  which comprises 1% of ALL supplement sales racked up 64% of the complaints filed with poison control centers. Even the FDA is now recommending laws be passed forcing labels to say that “use can be deadly”. Great news but where the hell were they 10 years ago?

Breathing is the major source of our energy but nutrition is also extremely important. To stay with the sports theme - oxygen is the baseball and your cells are the catcher’s mitt. No breathing, no baseball/oxygen. Poor nutrition = weak cells (mits) that can not hold on to the oxygen and nutrition they “catch”. They keep “dropping balls”. The “game” is YOUR game of LIFE.

POOR breathing causes ALL other body systems to weaken. Optimal nutrition allows the breathing to perform its best, and not drop the ball and force other systems to do work they were not designed to do, such as handle oxidized toxins or aid in millions of cellular building, rebuilding and cleansing actions.

BALANCED COFACTORS within living foods are critical to cell regeneration and how they synergize with other enzyme and nutrient cofactors is even more important. An enzyme is the biochemical equal of a catalyst in chemistry.

Enzymes are just as necessary as vitamins; in many instances even more so. No biochemical reaction occurs without them. Live enzymes give tremendous quantities of energy.

Because most if not all enzymes die if heated above 106 degrees, LIVE enzymes are arguably the best source of their inherent energy.

It may be that wild sources are superior to farmed ones because of ancient soil mineral content and the strength of the wild versus the protected – survival of the fittest. 

Hundreds of varieties of farmed and wild raw fruits and veggies are the best source of live enzymes but there are VERY few LIVE ENZYME RICH booster foods on planet earth.  Chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass and Klamath Blue Green algae make up most of the list.

These “booster foods” are natural concentrates that are most or less easily digestible and packed tight with energy creating nutrients. Some have the natural-grown-in-the-wild synergies that only mother nature can provide. I have learned to respect one of the wild versions  

Spirulina has long been my favorite booster food. It took me 4 years of part time study in the early 1990’s to feel comfortable about recommending it.  As good as it is there is a much better one out there if energy and mental function is what you want to have, and soon.  It’s an ancient wild superfood being delivered via Fed Ex.

It is liquid, unprocessed and frozen and its energy is just awesome.  It gives as much or more energy then the stimulants but with none of the negative side effects.  A recent client reports that his HUGE coffee addiction vanished the same day he began taking it.

WHY??  You can read all about it at our web site or download one or two information packs.  Learn why so many conscious eaters are flocking to our web site to sample the best organic, live, natural booster food/supplement there is or ever was on the planet.

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