ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

From Marie: I have a feeling many are misdiagnosed, I see a lot of talk about pill's of one type or another, meds being the only thing that works for AADD/ADD, and say Baloney! I take all kinds of meds and don't see them do much of anything. My boss is a rad/onc and I see daily the effects of people who do not want to change their life style to accommodate (prevent) their illness.

Some actually believe that what they eat has no bearing on their mental as well as their physical health. We are an over fed under nourished country.

I only made it 3 days with no refined carbs-by Tuesday night I was climbing the wall and snapping at everyone. I relapsed with ice cream. During the 3 days I ate nothing white-my sleep improved-I made it to REM and had some vivid dreams. That is a BIG change-I usually sleep no longer than 2 hours at a stretch, wake up for 1/2 hr-back to sleep. It's very hard to make this kind of change, but I so want to feel better.

From Mike:

Dear Marie, i feel for you in the job you have to do. I care not for most oncologists as I believe they are working with an inadequate paradigm taught in a dysfunctional educational system that too often kills people. Not that they are bad people they just do not help the person live, if that is what the person would like to do. And who wouldn't want to live if they were healthy and happy. Oncologists do not have the tools they should have for the responsibilities and powers they get paid big bucks for. They too often wear people down with chemo and surgery to where death is actually welcome.

Please try to wake up the email list group ADD moderators and get them open to the idea that holism is a lot more then taking meds and paying excessive and too often stupid-doctor-bills. To put one's trust and even life in the hands of an oncologist is in my opinion sometimes but rarely appropriate and most often damn poor odds for regaining optimum health or even surviving.

Frankly I would do a two week to one month intensive with strict internal cleansing,oxygenation, digestion,  stretching, breathing redevelopment and vegan foods to see what happens with the ADD symptoms. I'll bet they reduce a little, a lot, or all together. Individual responsibility and holistic treatment are dearly needed here.  Integrate all this with this Recommended Program  e3live 

I just do not have the time to address this now. It is not my specialty. Breathing is, and EVERYTHING gets impacted by how we breathe. EVERYTHING. Some things more than others. Breathing just HAS to be a significant component to ADD.

Good luck. You have your work cut out for you. But I believe you can beat it because you have a great attitude and see the mistakes and inconsistencies of the Western Medical Doctor and are not fooled by their often well meaning but miss-information, outright BS and all too often deadly advice. There are a lot a capable health professionals in the world.