Asthma and Blocked Nostrils

Dear Mike,
Hi my name is Shaun J, I live in Australia and practice raw foods - How I found your site!!!! Raw foods have allowed me to rid myself of Asthma and have being eating 100% raw for just on 5 years. But other problems are becoming more in my face which I feel is greatly due to breath and old belief pattern doubts, fears and inability to move forward. I do have have extremely shallow breath when not focused on deeper breath, also a life of mouth breathing and very narrow nostril passages usually taking turns at been blocked - I have known people to have surgery for enlarging the inside diameter -not keen , though I'm very interested in hearing your advice. Also I feel that my breathing through the mouth whilst asleep or any time for that matter, would not be allowing proper cleansing.

I also suffered for many years depression and self doubt and very short attention span; focus not!!! If you could shed some light/ advice it would be greatly appreciated. kindest regards. Shaun J

From Mike:
Great, another raw foods success story but five years?  Our breathing development work can get results in five minutes to five days. It is interesting to me that every case of asthma I have heard of has a significant mechanical breathing component. Glad the wheezing part is over. I believe that asthma has four components. 1.Environment 2. Diet 3. Emotions 4. The way we breathe (or don't breathe) . When they all are present in varying degrees, asthma or what medical science calls asthma appears (its need for all components to be at its worst is misunderstood, misdiagnosed or overlooked).

What I see for you is that it has just backed away because you have handled ONE of the components, diet. I believe it is still there (under the surface) and may reappear in later years if you are athletic, highly stressed or grow old, older and or your posture gets poor.

I have heard that many surgeries are reversed in time by the re-qrowth of nasal membranes but would investigate surgery (get THREE opinions). Also get Shortness of Breath Program to learn how to optimally develop your internal breathing sequencing/coordination.