Past Lives and Breathing?

   Nov 21 , 2018

   Michael White

To Gay Hendricks
From Mike White

Seems I recall you writing or saying that an issue was always handled by something in this life time and that past lives were perhaps too far fetched. and often put the person out of taking responsibility. They could now put their problems off onto someone or something else. At least that was the implication to me. Is this accurate and or addressed in any of your writings? 

From Gay
Yes, I have found that people who are concerned with past lives are always out of touch with something they need to be focusing on in their present lives. The past life is a way of avoiding contact with the present pain. I regard concern with past lives as the problem, not a solution. I see plenty of things from this life and from being inside your mother during her life and from being an egg inside your mother when she was inside her mother. You don't need a fanciful explanation outside genetics--there's plenty to work on there.

From Mike.
So that would reveal the need to proper breathing to keep the nervous system in balance and allay fears of non-existent issues. Energy follows thought.