Respiratory Psychophysiology

   Nov 21 , 2018

   Michael White

Dear Mike

I am currently enrolled in the psychophysiology course at, and was wondering if you have any research or information that could be helpful to our research. Thank you for you time. J H.

Dear JH

I have lived psychophysiology for the last 35 years. Look closely at the website and you will see that. 

  1. You must practice specific breathing exercises and get the "Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing" .
  2. Share the study with your instructors. Put it to class scrutiny.
  3. Study the website and stay on the email newsletter.

Do ALL of this. Reading and writing about it is not even close to experiencing it. You MUST experience the breath to know, understand, benefit from it and then be able to speak with authority and integrity. Full bodied experience is the essence of integrity.

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