Antibiotics Getting Less Effective: Probiotics are Good Preventives

Antibiotics Getting Less Effective: Probiotics are Good Preventives


This is a huge subject because antibiotics can and do save lives. They also destroy all bacteria including healthy bacteria needed for normal cellular functions including vitamin absorption. They may require months to years to be properly re-established but there are ways to accelerate this "re-colonization".

Overused they are fostering more drug resistant bacteria to grow making the antibiotics less to non effective and threatening the very core of the purpose of the antibiotic itself.

Following are some products that individually and collectively help fight or prevent asthma and develop the immune system.

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Overview of the Turbo Oxygen System

EWOT ON STEROIDS Based On Oxygen Multistep Therapy aka OMT

Accelerating wellness, physical endurance, mental clarity and more. People today are more health conscious than ever. Men and women have always used the gym as a social venue as well as a fitness venue, but many of these people that used to belong to gyms now find it easier and more convenient and lately even gas saving to work out at home with store bought equipment.

You know the feeling when you actually wake up early to workout?


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