Respiration aérobie optimale : 4 exemples de techniques d'auto-assistance dans le kit de respiration optimale

Respiration aérobie optimale : 4 exemples de techniques d'auto-assistance dans le kit de respiration optimale

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4 Examples of Self Help Techniques in the Optimal Breathing Kit for Maximizing Balanced Energy Reserves


"The word 'aerobics' came about when the gym instructors got together and said: If we're going to charge $15 an hour, we can't call it Jumping up and down." - Rita Rudner

Rita Rudner is a great comedienne but to get serious, good aerobics teachers are well worth the fees they charge. There is a lot more to good aerobic teaching than jumping up and down. A lot more.  Too bad many aerobics instructors do not know that much about optimal breathing.

Because most of us have lost a great deal of "breathe-ability" we may never reach that state of ease of aerobic conditioning that many aerobics instructors aspire to guide us to.

Exercising promises to increase energy. Many of us know that it often breaks its promise. Exertion requires tension. Tension causes restriction of breathing ease and energy flow. The key with exercise is to create an oxygen/energreserve. The trick with it is getting in as much energy as you can by expending as little energy as possible to get it. 

Running may create an excess of energy buildup but it costs a lot of energy to run. So you deposit a dollar and immediately withdraw most of it if you get the idea. Swimming may work better at building reserves when the water supports the body, but many cannot deal with the inconvenience and or relax and breathe  easily and deeply enough while in the water.

With proper posture and footwear (emailed updates for kit owners), many walks can build up aerobic reserve but time constraints, bad weather and or body limitation, aches and pains may defeat even the most ardent walker.

Unbalanced Deep Breathing (UDB) lies hidden to many would be exercisers. Poor breathing is a lot like dragging a ball and chain around that we can never release from. The key is to learn if we may have a breathing ease, efficiency, strength or sequencing and balancing problem and handle it.

This will help ensure the success of one's health/stress management program and raise our energy beyond what we thought possible. Two quick checks can expose some of the more typical signs. 

One is UDB. The other our free breathing tests

Aerobic/oxygen reserve is largely a matter of efficiency.  I often use one of our home model oxygen bars and what a HUGE increase in energy and stamina. Lying down while doing my Breathing Exercise #2 has been known to take blood oxygen to very high amounts, bring on pulsating and streaming feelings of joy and oceanic waves of bliss, and a LOT of extra energy. 

It has  leveled out negative emotions, calmed and soothed overwhelming feelings, contained thoughts running amuck, and it energizes in an even, gentle way, slowly increasing what some might call raising your energy tolerance or thermostat. (#2 is NOT for any signs of asthma, hyperventilation, some phobias or over breathing. For them we use deepest-calm

The self healing properties of aerobics increase oxygen stores as well as strengthen the body's resistance to distressful stress. When the body receives a giant dose of oxygen, nervous system balance and ease of functioning occur. Incredible healings and increases of spiritual and personal power can and do happen almost routinely. 

Roger Jahnke, O.M.D., 1996  "The human system will begin to disorganize and die after several minutes without oxygen. It is a logical progression of thought that leads to the possibility that altering oxygen metabolism might be curative for diseases that have an oxygen deficiency component to their etiology.

Both moderate and vigorous body movement and the accompanying muscle work increase oxygen demand in the cells. Evidence from research in exercise physiology demonstrates that muscular activity accelerates the rate of oxygen uptake from the blood.

It has been shown that training and practice increase ventilatory threshold, anaerobic threshold and mechanical efficiency. This suggests that regular body movement with increased breath activity supports adaptation toward increased functional efficiency in the uptake and utilization of oxygen from the blood.

One early source (1896) suggests that just the muscular activity of the breath mechanism itself is enough to increase the uptake of oxygen from the blood. This is not a widely accepted idea. However, most traditional systems of medicine include elaborate methods of breath practice. Some exploration of this mechanism for the absorption and utilization of oxygen is being undertaken.

A recent animal study demonstrates that the movement of the breathing apparatus alone may generate oxygen demand. Both Qigong and Yoga/Pranayama include breathing practices where there is no body movement except for the breathing apparatus itself. Such research suggests that simple breathing techniques alone may increase the amount of oxygen absorbed from the blood.

Individuals who are restricted in their movement due to health problems may have access to some of the benefits that have traditionally been reserved for those who do vigorous exercise."

Extremely high levels of energy can be attained without biking, walking, jogging or swimming. These could not be easier, gentler and more effective. 

Best way to make that even better. 
Recommendation Optimal Aerobic Breathing The Optimal Breathing Kit AND O2E2 Oxygen Enhanced Exercise Together

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