Emphysème - La BPCO en phase terminale PEUT être améliorée dans de NOMBREUX cas

Emphysème - La BPCO en phase terminale PEUT être améliorée dans de NOMBREUX cas

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With certain limitations as to genetic abnormalities, timing and age of the individual, lung tissue can be cleaned or reactivated. We focus somewhat on emphysema here to show others that even it can be improved and to use it as a role model and source of inspiration.

The faster progress you wish the more of the below you need to utilize. The Mastery program and juicing are the most efficient and least expensive.

     The Center for Disease Control, National Center for Health Statistics, showed that the fourth leading cause of death in this country in 1994 was emphysema and bronchitis. Elsewhere reported, asthma has increased 66% in the last ten years. When the oxygen supply lessens the heart must work harder. Germs, viruses, and bacteria are anaerobic. They cannot survive in high concentrations of oxygen.

     "Curing emphysema is possible. The lungs that medical science thought impossible to reactivate can if fact be reactivated".  Robert Nims, MD. Pulmonary Specialist. 

The main points to this page are that

  1. Lung tissue, just like brain and heart tissue thought previously lost to sickness or non-use, can be reactivated.
  2. Your lungs become less active and actually shrink in size if you do not use them properly or abuse them. If you want to live as long and as healthy as possible you need to offset that "shrinkage" with specific breathing development, moderate exercise, breathing exercises, lung expansion and diaphragm enlarging techniques, optimal nutrition, and internal fasting and cleansing. 
  3. A small number of people with emphysema are born without a lung-protecting enzyme called alpha1-antitrypsin.This makes them more likely to develop emphysema at an earlier age. This makes raw foods critical to optimal health.
  4. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the primary COPD diseases.
  5. COPD can be aided by exercise though many waits until the exercise is too stressful or tiring. 

Dr. Robert Nims, M.D., now retired chief of pulmonary medicine at West Haven Veterans Hospital in Connecticut, who worked with Carl Stough, says this about the study:

"The standard teaching was that air trapped in the emphysematous lung was trapped and could not be exhaled. For this reason, the diaphragm was pushed down to a flat position and the ribs were elevated. Now I told Carlin no uncertain words that he was ‘mildly demented’ to say that he could effect a rise in the diaphragm and a descent in the ribs, but we got rather spectacular results showing that he did do this."

     During the Stough Institute Breathing Coordination study, every test is known in the field was administered to the several hundred patients involved, documenting the success of Breathing Coordination. Every patient who participated in these tests improved in direct relation to the development of the diaphragm and its increased motion. Over the past 40 years, hundreds of lives have been saved and thousands of lives improved.

The Framingham study proved that smoking accelerates lung tissue damage by as much as 50%. It also proved that when smoking ceases, the acceleration stops. But most often by then the lungs have had severe loss of function.

Can this function be returned? A significant amount of it? Absolutely.

You need to tackle this holistically with a complete program of nutrition, cleansing,  breathing development techniques plus general overall movement type exercises that activate the breathing system in a non-stressful way.

Even meditators sitting on zafus in what looks to be an erect posture can restrict their breathing. Any repeated activity may in some way restrict one’s breathing or assist it.

See also: Granny D and Emphysema

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