We are achieving some fantastic results via Skype consults and in-person coaching sessions.IT professionals (and others) check out our GeeksIntToJocks Live-in program

Expect improvement in your general breathing, singing, speaking, sleep, meditation, sports, yoga, Qigong, Tai chi and more. You will also lessen your anxiety levels, asthma attacks, and ALL other forms of shortness of breath.

Breath is life. We start with breathing then progress from there.

Optimal breathing can be used for improving health, reducing stress, healing past traumas, and even for a better sex life. Besides being used as a way of diagnosing how the body is, the breath can also provide a key feedback loop between body and spirit.

Years ago, after observing several Health Medicine Forums in Walnut Creek where over 7 weeks of weekly sessions and 7 different traditional and complementary modalities interviewing a different patient for an hour each week had none mentioned breathing, EVER.  That is why I often act as case manager for some. To direct when the timing is right. Pages 109-146  will give you an idea how varied my approaches and guidance can be.

Working with me, I will help you strengthen your internal power, improve your mindset, and educate you about optimizing health instead of reducing symptoms.  My goal for you is to become your own primary wellness provider and life coach for you to live life on your own terms.

So, take your free breathing tests and learn more about breathing as well as its role in your health. You can then call me for a free consultation to assess your breathing capacity, breathing pattern, and nutrition as well as discuss options that will improve your health and well-being.

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Meet Mike

The holistic, alternative, health practitioner and personal empowerment trainer

I'm a life, singing, and speaking coach.  I’m also a personal growth mentor, breath worker as well as a wellness professional specializing in self-help programs and breakthrough in-person intensives. I help you through my combined knowledge in eastern secrets and western insights around vitality, longevity, personal and spiritual power as well as self-expression.  Because breathing is largely overlooked, we start from there then go wherever else is appropriate, including if needed, referring out to other health professionals. I sometimes work as a case manager in other situations.



As the state of ones breath is greatly associated to either the improvement or worsening of most health challenges, we devised different ways to be able to help you. Our programs include self-help sessions, phone or Skype sessions, individual coaching, as well as a school for hands on teacher training.

For you to get the most out of our services, we focus on ANYTHING that gets in the way of a human experience or expression of life such as mechanical, biochemical, environmental, emotional, and spiritual elements/factors. We also maintain 100% confidential everything said or done in your sessions, unless there is a written permission from you to disclose such information about your personally, your body, your physical condition, your session history, and any reasons you decided to engage into an exploration of what we can accomplish together.

This may require several pieces of equipment  or none at all.

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