Dr. James Biddle

Dr. James Biddle

Asheville Integrative Medicine


Asthma, Emphysema, Anxiety, Insomnia

Breath is the essence of life.  When we expire, we lose life.  When we are inspired, we gain life.  When we form a community, we plan life and breathe  together. The art of optimal breathing can provide a great contribution to the art of optimal living.

Michael Grant White has been studying the science and art of breathing for two decades and is a masterful teacher.  His training materials, workshops, and personal coaching sessions provide insights which can transform lives.

I was amazed to learn how much benefit can be gained in chronic diseases such as asthma, angina, emphysema, anxiety, and insomnia thru the application of Optimal Breathing strategies.

I’m glad to be able to endorse Michael Grant White’s highly-evolved program of Optimal Breathing.  However, as with any program that requires application, the benefits you gain are generally proportional to consistency with which you practice these principles.  If you are ready to fulfill your life potential, I recommend you begin by fulfilling your breathing potential.

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Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Chelation Therapy
Asheville NC

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