Goals, Purposes and the Optimal Breathing System


Michael G. White
Executive Director

  • To attract and educate people who want to take responsibility for their health and longevity.
  • To give new hope to the sick and dying.
  • To help people realize that all non-surgically altered and congenitally normal humans breathe the same way and that everyone can learn to breathe better.
  • To bring awareness to simple approaches and practices best for everyone's unique health, performance and life extension.
  • To help people to realize the emerging patterns, rising out of our primitive and enduring "suck, swallow, breathe" reflexes.
  • To motivate everyone to reflect on the extent to which these patterns greatly influence who we are and what we do as we unfold our lives one breath at a time.
  • To show traditional and alternative health professionals and associated professions exactly HOW to utilize the fundamentals of Optimal Breathing®.
  • To enhance their services with ours and apply their newly integrated/holistic paradigm for all patients, clients, teachers, and students’ unique needs.
  • To give internal power and energy to people in need.
  • To help people realize that the way they breathe CAN be incredibly inspirational, and that it is their intention that makes it so, resulting in their improved breathing becoming a major priority. They can in-turn inspire others to learn about Optimal Breathing® Development.
  • To restore and strengthen our faith in who we are and who we want to be.
With Optimal Breathing® as our foundation, we have a lot more to say about our present and future than we ever thought possible.
    The Optimal Breathing® System presumes that you want to take action to improve your breathing or someone's breathing you care about. It is comprised of:
    1. Secrets of Optimal Breathing Manual – A synthesis of 30 years of research related to the authors’ personal quest to regain healthy breathing. It addresses the vast range of supplemental breathing development techniques learned from my 30 years of experience and includes insights from more than 40,000 online test results from my website:  This enhances self teaching and enables me and the Optimal Breathing School staff and graduates to help others with singing, athletics, meditating, laughing, bliss, crying, speaking out, performing delicate tasks, and recovering from stress of habitual activities that cause shallow or distorted breathing.
    2. #176 - Fundamentals of Optimal Breathing Development - Benefits include: A great deal of chest expansion and increased volume and ease of breathing. Exercises and strapping techniques demonstrated on the DVD/video quickly and gently release tensions in the muscles of the rib cage to improve breathing ease, chest and lung shape and volume. These techniques help you use more of your vital capacity; ease heart function by freeing up the space the heart needs to expand in, and release unnecessary tension that keeps your breathing in an inefficient pattern. The exercises help you restore natural breathing rhythm while enhancing breathing sequencing and balance; reduce residual lung volume; reduction or elimination of excessively fast (rapid and/or hyperventilation) breathing; postural and breathing musculo-skeletal balancing; respiratory chemistry improvement; improves being in "present time", and ways of objectively marking progress. You will notice improvement immediately! This helps many troublesome or difficult/chronic health problems and often reduces or eliminates low back pain. Our techniques are compatible with all forms of exercise, performance, movement and therapy.
    3. Building Healthy Lungs Naturally - This portion of our Optimal Breathing System is about key aspects of biochemical, toxicity and everything else EXCEPT the mechanical aspect of breathing development.
    4. The Way You Breathe Can Make You Sick or Make You Well is a wake up call to alert you and offers ways of assessing if something is wrong with your breathing. Did you know the way you breathe can cause or worsen addictions, allergies, anxiety, asthma, bad memory, cancer, chest pains, depression, fatigue, forgetting to breathe, holding breath, low sex drive, overweight, panic attacks, phobias, poor voice quality, shortness of breath, being almost constantly stressed out trouble sleeping?
    5. Sleeping, Snoring and the Stress Level Elimination Energy Plan (S.L.E.E.P) addresses key aspects of our Optimal Healthy Stress Elimination Exercise Plan.
    6. The Optimal Breathing School - A worldwide training and certification program in proprietary touch and non touch methods to rapidly develop natural breathing in your self, clients, patients, friends and loved ones without inflicting pain, drugs or surgery. The primary purpose of our school is to train leading edge traditional and alternative modality practitioners, plus people interested in breathing development as a support for themselves, friends or loved ones. Because breath is life, our primary goal is to create a community of people and practitioners who breathe optimally. Our students and practitioners will carry forward the teaching of Optimal Breathing®.
    7. The Optimal Breathing Development system is augmented by CDs/cassettes:
        Recorded breathing exercises for:
      1. Deeper Relaxation and Calming
      2. Extra Energy
      3. Mental Focus and Concentration
      4. Self Esteem
        1. Seminars, talk shows:
        2. Optimal Breathing Seminar
        3. The Breath of Life - a radio talk show discussing 15 things you must know about breathing to live a long, happy, healthy life.
    8. In addition, we offer various products and programs for nutrition and diet, homeopathics, protecting your respiration, mechanical breathing development aids, manuals, books and booklets.
    9. The breathing.com web site has numerous articles on a wide range of breathing related subjects PLUS a free weekly newsletter. Due to its immense size and the scope that is required by the subject of breathing, we encourage you to call or email if you have a question that relates to your specific needs. We ask only that you FIRST take our free breathing test to get a better idea how we are trying to help.