Oxygen Supply Hose
Oxygen Supply Hose is a smooth bore hose for oxygen machines designed to connect the water bottle to the nasal cannula or 1-liter bag-mask.
Available in 14, 25 and 50 feet lengths.


  1. Included with Turbo Oxygen System
  2. Component of Oxygen Enhanced Exercise (O2E2) Concentrator (50 ft hose)
  3. Prevents oxygen loss
  4. Ensures a continuous oxygen flow
  5. Available in three different lengths
  6. Crush-resistant
  7. Two universal female connectors

Cannula for 5 LPM units

Oxygen Nasal Breathing Cannula is a small, flexible hose that connects oxygen from the machine to the user's nostrils.

  1. Included with Turbo Oxygen System
  2. Component of Oxygen Enhanced Exercise (O2E2) Concentrator
  3. Suitable for use with most Oxygen Concentrator units
  4. Equipped with curved, open nasal prongs to fit into the nostrils
  5. Tubing- To hook over the ears and the end is attached to an Oxygen Concentrator Unit
  6. Relatively Portable in nature
  7. Ideal for 5 LPM units

Oxygen Mask

One-liter Oxygen Breathing Mask includes a mask attached to a 1-liter Reservoir bag for supplying or holding oxygen. It is ideal for mild to moderate exercise and rest and it combines well with HBOT soft chambers.

  1. One-liter Reservoir Bag is attached
  2. Can be connected to the O2E2 Machines/any Oxygen Concentrator Machine
  3. Avoids re-inhalation of expired air.
  4. Prevents exhaled gas entering the reservoir bag
  5. Best suited for mild to moderate exercise and rest
Oxygen Machine Water Bottle
Oxygen Machine Water Bottle, also known as Humidifier Bottle, is used to humidify the Oxygen supplied to the user. It instigates moisture into the oxygen supply. moisture aids in the prevention of dry and inflamed nasal passages. The threaded female end needs to be connected to the top of the water bottle and the other end to the male nipple port of the machine.
  1. Included with Turbo Oxygen System
  2. Component of Oxygen Enhanced Exercise (O2E2) Concentrator
  3. Fits well with most of Oxygen Concentrators available
  4. Equipped with inlet on top and outlet on the side
  5. Made with Polycarbonate Material
  6. Portable
  1. Use Distilled water for best results
  2. It is recommended to change the Humidifier Bottle weekly.
CPAP/BIPAP Universal Adaptor
The universal CPAP/BiPAP oxygen adaptor connects the Oxygen Concentrator to CPAP machine fitting and CPAP tubing. Oxygen supply hose is connected to the side port. The capped oxygen port permits you to close the connector when it is not used and to keep the CPAP system operating at maximum potential without the inconvenience of disconnecting the connector completely.
  1. Fits perfectly with standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing
  2. Equipped with capped Oxygen port
  3. Latex free material
  4. Made with strong, durable plastic which has high resistance to breakage.
Joiner/Splitter, also known as Y Connector, is used to split the flow from the machine in such a way that it can be used by two persons simultaneously. It can be also used to join two units into a single unit.
A special splitter can be used to deliver 9 oil combo Respiratory Enhancer or Mental Clarity essential oil.

  1. Splits the Oxygen supply for two persons
  2. Simultaneously feeds one bag and one person
  3. Included with Turbo Oxygen System
Nipple Nut Adaptor
The Nipple Nut Adaptor aka Christmas Tree Adaptor is used to bypass the water bottle to attach the long hose or long cannula directly to the O2E2. We advise against this as it may dry out nostrils.
  1. Tapered nut and nipple assembly permits secure tube connections
  2. Fits easily to standard oxygen concentrators
  3. High resistance to breakage
Warning: Prolonged use may lead to excessive drying of nostrils
Water Trap
The oxygen concentrator water trap collects any water build-up in the nasal cannula. It is compatible with all standard Oxygen Tubing. Ideal for daily oxygen use.
  1. Easy to use
  2. Tapered tube fitting
  3. Catches moisture
  4. Prevents moisture build-up
  5. Transparent body
  6. Latex free material