Supplemental Oxygen - Comparing 5 Major Sources

                                Comparison Between Liquid Oxygen, Canned Oxygen, Oxygen Bars, Hyperbaric Oxygen and O2E2

Oxygen is the primary driver for cell reproduction and energy. Without it our cells cannot renew efficiently. See how great you can feel, how your energy can increase and how vibrant your skin can look after breathing oxygen-enriched air.

Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen is sold as OxyLift orCell Food. OxyLift sells for approximately $27.00 a 1 oz bottle that has about 200 drops to add to water at one drop per ounce. It is touted as stabilized oxygen or O1 and is valuable to ingest on occasion or over time.
We are told that Oxylift is identical to Cell Food.

Oxygen in a Can Or Canned Oxygen

Oxygen in a can usually sells for appprox. $15.00 a can and you get approximately 300 breaths or 500 liters per can. Helpful, but as you will soon see, quite expensive per liter.

Oxygen Bars

Oxygen bars are where you lie in a comfortable chair and breathe oxygen from a nose cannula which is the same hose or tube you see people use while hooked to an oxygen tank. Public O2 Bars cost usually around $1.00 minute.  
Essential oils are often added and give one a little buzz. Many think that it's the oxygen that gives them the buzz but O2 doesn't give a buzz; it is the essential oils. They can be helpful or toxic depending on their purity and how they react with oxygen. You can find O2 Bars in Airports and they can be a nice refresher after a oxygen poor airplane flight albeit quite expensive when you compare them to making your own oxygen at home or office or private exercise space.

Hyperbaric Oxygen 

Hyperbaric Oxygen is gently or deeply pressurized O2 in a soft or hard chamber where you lie down in an O2 enriched atmosphere. Session costs from $100 - $175 per or you can buy a chamber for from $9,500 (soft) to $250,000 (Hard). The hard chambers are usually for severely injured or long term chronic diseases including congenital or accidental brain damage, burns and lyme.

Turbo Oxygen - MORE IS BETTER!

For most everyone excepting severe lung dysfunction that will not process extra oxygen, more is better.

Turbo Oxygen is State of the Art Oxygen Supplementation.

You make millions of liters of oxygen (including an oxygen bar and oxygen chair if you choose) for pennies a day or about the price of a 400 watt light bulb per hour. One way to compare is via cost per liter.

For Liquid Oxygen you are limited to how much water you can drink. And you cannot exercise intensely or sleep well after drinking a lot of water.

Compared to Canned O2 for example, our smallest oxygen producing system will produce 5 liters per minute 24/7/365 or 34,560 liters per day or 12 million six hundred fourteen thousand four hundred liters per year including a 1-5 year warranty.

That would equate to Oxygen in a Can cost in the range of $15.00 per 500 liters into 12 million or 24,000 cans per year at $15.00 each. Do the math. 24,000 x 15 = $360,000

Users of the Turbo Oxygen System range from the weak and frail including virus victims to world class athletes. A man told me he could not walk up a curb and soon he was walking a mile. We are becoming many world class athletes "secret weapon". 
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