EWOT for Athletes - The Oxygen Advantage for Optimum Performance


EWOT for Athletes - The Oxygen Advantage for Optimum Performance


As an athlete, you'll always be seeking ways for subtle improvements, exponential gains, and incremental advantages to take you to the next level as an elite competitor. It's a no-brainer that the training you undergo enables you to excel in your sport year in and year out.

EWOT System for Athletes

  • You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you take that first step and just go for it

    — Natasha Hastings

It’s the Time to Train: Why Athletes Need a Proper Training Regimen

Tired of feeling drained and exhausted from demanding training sessions? Finding it difficult to push yourself to give your best all the time? Know that you're not alone. However, it's important to understand that without proper training, you will never reach your maximum potential.

Here are five reasons why incorporating the right training methods is important for athletes:

  • Training helps you build endurance: Endurance is the capacity of your muscles to perform repetitive movements-lengthening and contracting over extended periods without becoming fatigued. As an athlete, endurance is the backbone of your performance, enabling you to push your limits and surpass your goals. Lack of endurance can limit your potential to achieve the best results, and you might even get injured.

  • Training improves your recovery potential: The more you train, the less chance you have of getting tired during a match or competition. This is because you're building up endurance, which allows you to withstand long stretches without getting exhausted quickly. As a result, you'll have more energy to invest in your games. Conversely, if you're fatigued, you are less likely to win as you cannot perform at your best. Fatigue results in decreased energy levels, reduced endurance, impaired coordination, and decreased mental focus.

  • Training helps you stay injury-free: Do you often skip training? If so, you may be more prone to injuries as an athlete. Training strengthens muscles, making them less vulnerable to injury during high-intensity competition. If you aim to compete in high-intensity sports, consistent training is crucial for staying healthy and prepared for games or matches. Failure to train for extended periods during the off-season can weaken your muscles and increase the risk of injury, making it more challenging for you to regain your competitive edge.

  • Training helps you focus: Have you ever thought about the connection between physical training and mental focus? The role of the mind in success and failure is often overlooked. We usually think of what training regimen has to follow and what we have to do for rest and recovery rather than focusing on how to effectively use the most powerful tool in our arsenal. But if you do not physically prepare well before games, you may also face challenges in your mental preparation. You might doubt your ability to play if you haven't trained properly, particularly if you feel unfit compared to your competitors in the same sport. As a result, athletes who don't undergo training might suffer from anxiety or fear while playing, which could negatively affect their performance.

  • Training enhances your strength: To perform at your peak, you should have considerable strength. Thus, athletes should engage in strength training exercises on a regular basis. Strength training not only promotes muscle growth but also improves coordination and agility as well as helps you speed up your recovery from injuries or setbacks than if you had not trained. Thus, training can enable athletes to maintain their strength and focus throughout all of their games or matches.

So, prioritizing training as an athlete is crucial for improving your overall performance, increasing your chances of success, and achieving your goals. By committing to a consistent training regimen, you can enhance your physical and mental readiness, prevent injuries, and recover faster from setbacks.

Make training a top priority, and you will see significant improvements in your strength, endurance, agility, and coordination, leading to a more successful athletic career.

Upgrade Your Oxygen and Gain the Competitive Edge

Athletes, enhancing your athletic performance has become easier than it's ever been with innovative training approaches. But are you confused about where to start? With many alternatives, it can be overwhelming to pick the technique that helps you make the most of your time. 

A blend of 4 dimensions- skill, strength, endurance, and recovery–characterizes sports performance. Your muscles and joints get stressed when you are involved in intense sports activities. This can also increase the likelihood of injury.

What if there's an approach that takes you ahead of the competition naturally?

As an athlete, you usually inhale the ambient air that contains 21% oxygen during your training session. However, by incorporating the Turbo Oxygen System – a revolutionary system based on Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, into your workout regimen, your body receives 4x times more oxygen than you typically do.

This super-oxygenates your cells and tissues, accelerates recovery, offers higher workload tolerance, decreases inflammation, allows greater oxygen utilization, and improves mental clarity.

Did you know the role of Adenosine Tri-phosphate, aka ATP, in athletic performance? ATP is your body's energy currency, as it gives the energy your body requires for muscle contraction, blood flow, and cardiac function.

The more intensely you work out, the more ATP is utilized. While doing exercise with oxygen by utilizing the Turbo Oxygen System, every single cell in your body gets upgraded with oxygen.

This increased oxygen utilization by cells and tissues favors the production of ATP on a larger scale. As a result of this improved ATP synthesis, your body's energy status increases, thereby promoting peak performance.

T J Forsythe, Famous Volleyball Player

  • I recently had the opportunity of being put through an optimal breathing athletic performance workout by Michael Grant White of www.optimalbreathing.com and it changed the way I condition my body inside of the gym.

    He uses natural oxygen produced by the best oxygen machines money can buy. Mr. White also uses amazing breathing strategies/techniques MADE FOR ALL PEOPLE to help the body recover naturally as a regular person, pre and post-workout as an athlete, or if you have issues. Crazy thing is, he has also helped heal many people with diseases such as Lyme Disease using these techniques!

    Personally, I felt the best I ever have when using these techniques during my workout and afterwards. It felt like I never worked out even after he pushed me to my limits.

    You guys have to go check it out and connect with Mr. White if you have any questions, concerns, or want to get your health back in control!

    He is an expert in his field. Go take your health back today!

How Does Oxygen Improve Your Athletic Performance?

Athletes can enhance their overall performance through Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, which increases the oxygen supply to their muscles, lungs, and heart.

The rise in oxygen levels within the body aids energy production, enhances blood circulation, and accelerates recovery after intense training or events.

Supplementing the body with additional oxygen helps to decrease lactic acid buildup, which can cause exhaustion, fatigue, and muscle soreness following strenuous activity.

Exercising with Oxygen has been demonstrated to improve performance in various ways, including:

  • Endurance improved

  • Power increased

  • VO2 Max increased

  • Reduced Lactic acid buildup

  • Recovery time decreased

  • Reaction time decreased

  • Short-term memory improved

  • Increased fat burn for fuel

  • Enhanced mitochondrial capacity

Gain the Advantage with Exercise-Oxygen Combo

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating oxygen into your daily exercise routine.

  • Better Conditioning: Picture yourself with the assurance that you possess superior cardio compared to your rivals. With this confidence, you can imagine how much further you could push your limits and how much faster you could run, all while being certain that you hold the upper hand.

  • Faster Recovery: Ever felt drained or exhausted? Then you'd know the restorative power of inhaling clean, pure oxygen. EWOT boosts the recovery rate post-workout and provides you with energy when you're exhausted. Recover faster than you thought was possible.

  • Mental Clarity: You'd probably know the direct correlation between success and one's physical abilities and mental aptitude. Exercising with Turbo Oxygen System is just as effective at enhancing mental clarity as it is at promoting physical wellness. You can expect improved reaction time, processing speed, and sensory memory, all of which contribute to your cognitive sharpness.

  • Reduced Inflammation: Oxygen aids the healing of the inflamed regions and calms them down.

  • Better Sleep: A restful night's sleep is everyone's basic need. Sleep helps us wind down and allows our body to repair and recharge. Research has shown that higher concentrations of oxygen promote sleep.

  • Immune System Boost: Whether you're dealing with a pandemic or a mundane cold, maintaining a robust immune system is paramount to your well-being and performance, especially during intense training. Combining oxygen and exercise indicates an increase in the flow of oxygen into arteries, veins, and even to the capillaries that link arteries to veins. As your body's blood flow improves, so does your immune function.

How to Reap the Most Benefits of Exercising with Oxygen?

To get the most out of Oxygen Enhanced Exercise, it's essential to know how to use it effectively. Begin by selecting a specific time for each EWOT session that fits best into your schedule.

Just 15 minutes of exercising with the Turbo Oxygen System on a daily basis can offer you remarkable results. We also recommend considering utilizing the power of oxygen after a strenuous workout or strength training session to reduce the lactic acid buildup and significantly reduce the recovery time.

Start Training Smarter Now!

Be Unstoppable and Get ahead of the Competition with Turbo Oxygen!

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