Why Breathe Better? Bad Breathing Makes You sick or Sicker. Learn To Breathe Better Now

Why Breathe Better? Bad Breathing Makes You sick or Sicker. Learn To Breathe Better Now


Why Breathe Better? Bad Breathing Makes You Sick or Sicker. Learn To Breathe Better Now.


Learn to Breathe Better

Negative Conditioning

We have been programmed to believe that nothing as simple and easy as breathing could possibly make that much of a difference.

There are many benefits to better breathing. The most significant ones are the ones you get while sleeping. How you breathe during the day will guide the way you breathe while sleeping or resting. Be mindful of this, as there are many unhealthy breathing exercises being taught.

Optimal Breathing can become a wonderful tool, helping you to relax and reduce stress, improve your skin tone, sleep better, as well as losing inches and weight. You look better, feel more rested, get more done, and have more fun.

Relearning to Breathe

Many have been breathing incorrectly for so long that they are not aware of how to breathe to receive easy and maximum benefits from each breath. Once you re-learn how to breathe correctly, you can use the breath when it is most needed. Many of you are aware that you normally take shallow, minimal breaths, just barely enough to survive. 

When you learn to breathe correctly, you will find that you are feeding every cell in your body the fuel it needs most, not only to survive but to flourish as well. By saturating your body with oxygen and keeping your nervous system in balance, you are giving it what it needs to operate at its maximum potential.


We are each born with billions of brain cells, and when we deprive them of oxygen, they will react as if starving and will not give you the performance they are capable of giving. Both active and passive aerobic breathing involves deeper breaths, but those deeper breaths need to be in balance. 

With poorly balanced, you have an oxygen cost of breathing that negates many benefits and can actually create breathing blocks. Properly balanced breathing allows the oxygen to saturate the bloodstream and circulate to feed every cell in your body, muscles, brain, organs, and skin, and at the same time, it allows your metabolism to burn fat and tone your muscles.

Weight Loss

"How can you lose weight with just breathing?" 

Because of my training and experience, it is the most logical thing I can think of. In simple terms, aerobic means getting enough oxygen into the bloodstream to burn fat and calories. We have again been programmed to believe that aerobic means running around a room and jumping up and down.

If you jump up and down or walk or run long enough for at least 20 minutes, you will breathe hard enough to get more oxygen flowing into your bloodstream. If you add an oxygen concentrator, you will magnify those benefits by many times

What we often do with Better Breathing Exercise #2 is FOCUS TOTALLY ON THE BREATH. We concentrate the oxygen flow so that the body begins the aerobic process of flooding the bloodstream with oxygen in a few minutes, so the results are dramatically improved. At the same time, we have the option of flexing or stretching the muscles we wish to target for inch loss or toning to draw the oxygen to that point like a magnet. 

The oxygen will rush to the point of stress to heal, thus toning and firming those muscles. Add an oxygen concentrator to that, and you super-oxygenate your cells. Ever notice that people on oxygen bottles are mostly thin?

Emotional Well-being

Breathing correctly can bring on a state of elevated emotions. One reason for this is the high endorphin that runners speak of. It is the same high that you get when you do Better Breathing Exercise #2

You are releasing these endorphins into the brain and body-mind. I have seen some of the most remarkable changes in people, from those suffering from severe panic attacks to others suffering from migraine headaches. 

It has been called life-changing by many, and I am one of those who can personally attest to the powerful benefits that can accompany flooding your body with oxygen by doing just a few of the simple breathing exercises daily.

Toxic Poisoning

The majority of toxin elimination from your body should be through breathing. When we allow our bodies to accumulate toxins, we are inviting illness and disease. Medical testing has proven again and again that the missing link in those with Cancer and other serious diseases is simply oxygen. 

So why is it that something neglected is so simple to do? 

Something that requires no other tool other than our own bodies? Other benefits of optimal aerobic breathing are the reduction of water retention and changes in your skin that may cause those who know you to tell you, “you are looking more healthy or even radiant". Much of this is due to the more efficient elimination of toxins and waste.

Breath Holding

Do you find yourself holding your breath

You may not think so now but reflect on it later, and you may discover that you really DO hold your breath a lot more than you realized.

I recommend you incorporate our Optimal Breathing system into your daily routine. Walking, standing in line, or sitting at your computer, you will be impressed and amazed at the power you have right there within your own body. The power to breathe your way to a healthier and happier life. 

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