Epilepsy and Breathing: Strong Correlations

Epilepsy and Breathing: Strong Correlations


An email from a person with seizures that was helped greatly by our simple techniques and exercises.   

"First off, overbreathing induces alkalosis, which is a known trigger of seizures.

That's the reason several minutes of hyperventilation are a part of the standard EEG monitoring test for seizures.  For almost two decades, Robert Fried  ("Breathe Well, Be Well") has successfully taught deep breathing with biofeedback monitoring so clients could learn to modify their blood levels of CO2 and their EEGs, Results--reduced seizure frequency.  I learned to control my breathing from a therapist who was teaching me self-hypnosis to try and control the symptoms of my drug-resistant seizures.

The prominent symptoms were, digestive distress, abject terror, and cardiac arrhythmia. Brain surgery (1988) did not stop them. The breathing I'd stumbled on accidentally to control my severe panic episodes when disoriented from seizures.

It was part of the therapeutic training to help me normalize my heart rate and recover from seizures more quickly and with less damage. This and numerous other strategies (including using the amino acid, taurine) have left me seizure free since July of 1998." 

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