Hyperhidrose : la transpiration excessive a une composante respiratoire importante

Hyperhidrose : la transpiration excessive a une composante respiratoire importante

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Hyperhidrosis: Excessive Sweating Has a Significant Breathing Component


Learn about hyperhidrosis, its causes and how breathing better can help manage the excessive perspiration.


Excessive Sweating / Excessive Perspiration

My hands used to sweat something awful. They do not anymore. I attributed that to a bad case of UDB that I eventually overcame.

The below information may also relate to UDB but could be worse-case scenarios requiring surgical intervention. This could also be another example of modern medicine's too-quick usage of the scalpel. 

I simply do not know at this time.

The bottom line is there is a surgical intervention that may help those opting to handle the problem quickly so that the techniques may be fairly harmless, albeit comparatively expensive.

The below definition was taken from Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options – How to Stop Excessive Sweating.

  • "Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can be the result of extreme medical problems as well as lead to embarrassing situations. However, there are proven techniques for assisting with the prevention of excessive sweating.”

Hyperhidrosis is often caused by a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system. The areas of the body that may be affected can occur in any combination, including the face, underarms, hands, and feet.

The severe sweating from hyperhidrosis may start at the beginning of each day and continue throughout the day and night, or it may only be intermittent. In any case, the sweating is severe and is not just sweat. It is profuse, noticeable, and very uncomfortable. However, with the right treatment, hyperhidrosis can be successfully treated and cured.

My gut sense is that the illness model is here yet again; the genetic aspect is HIGHLY overstated, and at least one HUGE aspect of hyperhidrosis is to strengthen the parasympathetic, not weaken the sympathetic.

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