Chanter, parler et respirer

Chanter, parler et respirer

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Singing, Speaking and Breathing


Did you know your voice is as unique as your fingerprints and DNA, making it one of the most crucial aspects of your identity? Learn how Optimal Breathing helps you achieve your full vocal potential.

Singing, Speaking and Breathing

Singing and Speaking

It is often said that there is power in the tongue, but so much more of that power is contained in the sound we produce than the words we say.

Be empowered vocally with our Singing, Speaking and Personal Power Theme to attain the singing voice you always wanted, expand your range of pitches, deliver a rousing presentation, or simply gain confidence and charisma just by focusing on your voice.

If you’re still not convinced, this specialized program also has the added benefit of strengthening the immune system and improving respiratory health, so take action now.

In everyday communication, only 8% is based on the words we speak. 38% is based on the sound of our voice, 54% on body language.” When you consider the time spent on the phone, 92% of the information is communicated by the sound of our voice.

Your voice is your second face. See that it gets the very best of care.

This program is unconditionally guaranteed to improve your voice whether you are a professional or never took a speaking or singing lesson in your life. So much so that your friends will ask you, “What have you been doing?”

Singing and Speaking

How to talk so everyone will listen?

Has your voice ever let you down?

You get to the meeting with your boss to ask for that long overdue promotion, a raise, or perhaps just present a new money-saving idea for the company.

And then it happens- just as you start to speak.

All of a sudden, you feel out of breath, panicky, and can’t believe your voice is cracking like a pimple-faced 13-year-old boy. You sound as if you’re inhaling a helium balloon and you notice your boss is no longer making eye contact with you.

You’re unknowingly speaking faster and faster and higher and higher – unconsciously trying to finish a race you’ve already lost.

Bye, bye raise. Bye, bye promotion.

It happens intermittently or all the time – it doesn’t happen just at work.

The same thing can happen when you’re trying to speak to a loved one about a difficult subject like finances or when trying to talk to your parents or your children about a difficult family matter or when a leader wants to connect with her team and yet seems to always come across as domineering, aloof and cold.

When you think of it, there are hundreds of examples of times when our voice betrays us.
You’re not alone, it happens to just about everyone. But it doesn’t have to happen- to anyone.

There’s a way to train our voices and ourselves to come through for us when it matters most.

  • Does the sound of your voice played back on your answering machine make you cringe?

  • Do you find yourself short of breath when you talk on the telephone?

  • Do people have difficulty hearing you and constantly ask you to repeat yourself?

  • Does your voice tire at the end of the working day and sound raspy and weak?

  • Do you find yourself constantly clearing your throat with a vengeance?

  • After talking all day, does it feel as though there is a lump in your throat?

  • Do people constantly misunderstand you?

  • Does your voice have a nervous quiver and shake when you talk?

  • Does your voice feel weak when you try to express yourself loudly?

  • Do you have frequent colds that always settle in the throat area?

  • Do you hear your voice as high-pitched and irritating?

  • Do strangers on the telephone think you are a child? (That’s a little problem.)

  • Do strangers on the telephone think you are the opposite sex? (That’s a big problem.)

  • Does your throat feel rough and dry when you are speaking?

  • Do you hear your voice as “lifeless” and dull?

  • Does your voice quality sound weaker in the morning and seem to improve as the day goes on?

  • Are you a heavy breather?

  • When faced with a confronting situation, does your voice feel tight and “squeezed,” causing the pitch to go up?

  • Does your voice sound nasal and thin?

No major problems to “speak” of. You would simply want to improve.

Why do we sing, and why doesn’t everyone? Professor John Lennon (included in the Supplemental CD in the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit).

Includes an instant downloadable SONG LIST of 60 of Mike’s favorite Karaoke from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and a few after that, totaling approximately 900 songs.

This program is VERY powerful, and it may help with spasmodic dysphonia, laryngitis, stuttering and other speech improvement goals. If you have a speech issue, try it or a private consultation with Mike.

More than three decades of working one-on-one with university students has convinced me that the average person has little concept of the visual assessment of their individual posture profile and the sound of their voice how they do what they do when they do it. For example, can you see yourself without a mirror?

It is truly astonishing how many people are dissatisfied with the sound of their own voice and shocked when they hear it reproduced. There is not enough time or space to pursue this observation for now, perhaps in another article.

In the meantime, ask yourself this question- Can one’s life be as productive as possible if one has only a vague awareness of what one looks like and what they sound like?

If you are habitually unconscious of the environmental impact of your daily life performance, then your individual effectiveness is unconsciously compromised because of inattentiveness to yourself. That means that your unconscious mindset or attitude is in control and not your conscious self.

  • “Like many people, I thought breathing was just something we did naturally….until I took some voice lessons, and learned a little about breathing correctly. Your Optimal Breathing Kit is teaching me much more. Trying to breathe deeper just kept getting in the way.” 

    –Ann Hurt


  • Rapid chest expansion and increased lung volume

  • Expand vocal dynamic range

  • Hold notes and pitch longer

  • Connect emotions with content

  • Loosens the muscles in the area around the lungs and mid-section, allowing for better flexibility of the breathing muscles

  • Speak and sing stronger and with less effort

  • Breathing sequencing, patterning, and coordination quickly retrained

  • More efficient tongue function

  • Postural and breathing musculoskeletal balancing

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Respiratory health assessing

  • Reduce or eliminate pre-performance anxiety

  • Enjoy the health benefits of better breathing

  • Immediate improvement

  • How to talk so everyone will listen -Ted Talk

  • Singing helps COPD

  • In spite of everything, some are simply unstoppable This is our premier self-help program related to singing and speaking. We have received many success stories.

You can schedule a private intensive session with our team of practitioners.

  • “Since last year I invested a lot of energy observing and working on my breathing rather than vocal lessons. Last Saturday was the first time in fifteen years I worked with a voice coach and she was gobsmacked. She could not believe my voice was in such good shape.

    The tone, range and flexibility is all there. She literally could not believe I had returned to singing without a vocal coach, but I told her about you and told her my only concern was getting my breathing right.”

    — Catherine W., Sydney, Australia

Learn to Breathe Better with The Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit.

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