The Four Basics of Health: Sunlight, Air, Water & Earth!

The Four Basics of Health: Sunlight, Air, Water & Earth!

The Four Basics of Health:

Sunlight, Air, Water & Earth!

We need these four basics to support vibrant life: SUNLIGHT: We are sunlight activated chemical/hormone energetic beings! AIR: Our cells can only do their chores with abundant oxygen—just breathe! WATER: Everything moves through our body’s fluids. Water is also the backup system to get oxygen to the cells. EARTH: The salt of the earth is our minerals. We also get minerals by eating plants, as they pull them up from the soil through their roots.

The Power of Breath You Are Your Own Medicine

Today a client asked me the same question about health that I’ve been asked since I began in this profession: “Where do I start to regain my health? It’s all so confusing!” As a licensed massage therapist for 40 years, I’ve had time to formulate an answer. Since my client responded with, “Now that I can understand—it’s so simple. Thank you!” I decided to put the advice I gave her in writing and to share it with our readers.

Most of us remember the science experiment we did in 5th or 6th grade that starts with five healthy potted plants. Plant #1: Remove it from sunlight. Plant #2: Block all air so it cannot breathe. Plant #3: Stop watering it. Plant #4: Pull it up out of the soil.

In a very short time all four plants died! The fifth one that got everything it needed did great. I felt awful to see that four of my beautiful plants had died at the end of the experiment! I didn’t realize they were going to die at the beginning of that experiment and I have never forgotten it! Well, as you guessed, our bodies are no different than those plants.

We need the basics in every cell of our bodies to support vibrant life: sunlight, air, water, and the mineral salts from the earth—it’s that simple! Remember to also keep all of it moving since we are walking oceans of water—it is constantly flowing in and out of the cells and in and out of the body.

Think of a river in springtime. The snow melts from the higher elevations; the creeks flow into the roaring rivers full of energy, constantly moving, splashing over rocks, getting oxygenated, staying fresh and clean for miles and finally arriving at the ocean. Yet, if at any point that river water pools off and becomes stagnant, all sorts of things begin to grow and smell foul—fungi, bacteria, etc. 

Just like that river, keep moving. 

All cells need oxygen and movement to do their chores and to thrive. In fact, known science reports that cancer can only grow in a stagnant area of the body that is lacking in oxygen. [Otto Warberg, 1931 Nobel Prize for Medicine.] 

Let’s take a closer look at these four basics of optimal health:


We are sunlight activated chemical/hormone electrical beings. So, all those hormone issues we hear so much about can be activated and balanced by sunlight—traveling at the speed of light. How much sun is needed? It is suggested that we receive 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice a day. If you are fair-skinned, utilize the early morning and evening sunlight to avoid overexposure.


Cells in the body cannot do their chores without oxygen! Plain and simple—just breathe! All ancient healing arts utilize the breath—it’s called the Breath of Life for a reason.

Here are a few tips for optimal breathing function and increased volume from Denis Ouellette, an Optimal Breathing Development Specialist.

  • Make sure you are starting off with lower-abdominal, “belly” breathing. If the belly expands as you begin your inhale, that’s good—it’s showing that your diaphragm is doing its job.

  • After your lower torso is fully expanded all around, allow the breath to move into your chest, expanding your ribs—no shoulder shrugging or neck bulging please! Did you know that MOST of our energy comes from breathing, yet most of us breathe at about 20% of full capacity?

  • As you release for an exhale, simply relax and deflate, allowing all tension to drop. Did you know that MOST of our toxins are expelled through the out-breath? Give yourself a decent pause at the end, until the next in-breath wants to happen. And ENJOY!

  • An essential breathing exercise for increasing breath volume is simply to stand up and stretch your arms to the ceiling on an inhale, relaxing and dropping your arms on the exhale. Feel that you are bringing your ribs upward with you as you stretch. If you’re sitting at a desk a lot, take frequent breathing and stretching breaks!


Everything moves through the fluids of the body. Water is a backup system to make sure all cells are getting ample oxygen—it’s that important. In fact, a nerve cell sends the message of pain to the brain when there is a lack of oxygen in those surrounding cells. We all know that, just like that potted plant, if you are shut off from oxygen, very quickly you will die—each cell is the same, crying out in pain until they die. How much water to drink? 

The formula for good hydration is one-half of your body weight in ounces per day, as the minimum for optimal bodily functions and cellular health. (Plain is best; add lemon or an essential oil, too!)


The salt of the earth is our minerals. Often, we read about the lack of vital minerals in our soil and food. Rely on sea vegetables, which are still full of minerals, and take a look at the kind of salt you are consuming. 

I suggest using Himalayan Mineral Rock Salt, which was deposited when the earth was still pristine, or other high-quality mineral salts, such as Celtic or Dead Sea salts. We also get our minerals by eating plants, which pull up minerals through their roots from the soil.

Check in daily with yourself. 

Did you give your cells the Four Basics of Health today? After all, they give their all to keep you going strong—all they need in return are these few basics—enhanced by a positive and grateful attitude, of course!

—Take care. Enjoy your life. We are so awesomely made!

Marlenea soaking up the energies

Here is Marlenea soaking up the energies at Pine Creek Falls, near her home in Emigrant, Montana. Sunlight, air, water, and earth are all rich in negative ions that you breathe in through your skin and into your lungs. They energize the whole body. 

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