Struggling with Weight - Loss Despite Having Tried Harder Than the Hardest?


  I admire your perseverance. In search of the best way to lose and maintain your body weight, you think you have covered all bases with your extensive research, the “ Mighty 90 “ nutrients, a well-planned, regimented schedule for diet and exercise.

Let me burst your bubble, and let the “air” out.

No vitamin, mineral, fatty or amino acid comes even close in terms of importance than this 8th element. A simple little atom that is only 1/5th of the air we breathe.

People have been known to survive without essential nutrition for months, without water – maybe 3 or 4 days, but none have gone beyond a few minutes without this. I am talking about the mighty “Oxygen." Without oxygen inspiration, our expiration is inevitable.


Hypoxia- The ultimate body shut down

Oxygen-deprived blood, or more technically sound term “Hypoxia” is one of the most important causes of diseases in the body.

As blood pressure rises in hypoxic conditions because the body attempts to deliver more oxygen to the tissues, breathing rates shoot up as lungs try to reach out, gasping for more air to extract oxygen from.

The brain, which utilizes more than 20-25 percent of the body’s total oxygen intake, starts operating sluggishly. Stress hormone (cortisol) secretion could increase as the body attempts to cope with oxygen depletion. The result? The immune system is suppressed and an increased chance of formation of tumors and cancers.

Over time, genetic mutations take place that inhibit protein synthesis and slow down key processes like detoxification and repair.

But this is not all!

Hypoxia or oxygen deprivation also robs you of your best chances to lose weight, maintain it and keep obesity at bay.

Oxygen, the most critical of the substances for the functioning of your body and fat cells share a dramatic relationship that may play a very significant role in developing obesity, as well as difficulty in losing weight.

Fat cells, or adipocytes, initiate various coping strategies to deal with an inability to obtain adequate oxygen. One of these strategies involves fat cells becoming impervious to the signals of insulin. Commonly known as insulin resistance, this phenomenon leads to an increase in the secretion of insulin from the pancreas, ultimately increasing fat storage- manifesting as weight gain.

Increase in insulin secretion following insulin resistance can also lead to fatty tissue fibroids and fatty tumors called lipomas.

Less Oxygen = More Fat

If you just can’t seem to lose weight no matter how many calories you’ve cut, supplements you have glugged down, miles or time you’ve spent on the treadmill, it may be a possibility that you are dealing with Oxygen Deficiency.

Paying attention to your breathing may get you some significant weight loss benefits. You may not lose weight dramatically or immediately, but you surely will have more energy, think more clearly, improve your heart health and reduce stress hormone levels.

You have already tried everything under the sun, and now is your time to make a smart choice. The Optimal Breathing Kit with digital access is your all-time companion that can help you breathe freely, naturally and correctly, anytime, anywhere.

Optimal Breathing™ may not make you skinny right away, but it will definitely help you feel better about your weight loss journey, and in the long term, you are probably going to lose those pounds as well!

Here is a parting tip on how to make the most of Optimal Breathing Kit

Go green! Plants produce more oxygen as a byproduct, and having a lot of greenery around your house can help too!

To make the most of this exclusive breathing kit, try practicing C8 on a regular basis. Make sure to always to let your breath go down into the lower part of your belly. Try to work out at high elevation to improve your lung capacity and better oxygenation. BUT you MUST offset that with C1, 3, 4 & 5, 24,25 in the Optimal Breathing Kit.


"Breathing correctly is the key to better fitness, muscle strength, stamina, and athletic endurance."  


Dr. Michael Yessis, Phd.,

President Sports Training Institute, Fitness Writer - Muscle and Fitness Magazine


Stay committed to breathe better, live better!


Michael Grant White

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