Breathing and Immune System - Interview with Marlenea La Shomb

Optimal Breathing and The Immune System

Marlenea La Shomb August 18, 2023


In this video, we explore how the immune system function can be improved with Optimal Breathing. We also discuss the significance of the lymphatic system and how the immune system gets activated through a full, conscious, optimal, efficient breath.

  • Sudev : Hello, Marlenea. Welcome again

  • Marlenea : Thank you for having me very much.

  • Sudev : Thank you. I cannot wait to hear more about you and the topic that we're discussing today, which is Optimal Breathing and the Immune System, right?

  • Marlenea : Your immune system is very important. 

  • Sudev : Excellent. Take it away, Marlenea.

  • Marlenea : Thank you very much, Sudev.

    Number one, for anybody who has respiratory issues, the doctor will tell you if you have asthma or a shallow breather and do not fully utilize optimal breath that you will have a weak immune system. 

    But they don't tell you why. How does that work? Your immune system has a pump, so your heart has a pump, your brain fluid and spinal fluid have a pump. 

    You'll see that in one of my videos which most people don't know about. We hear about the heart pumping the blood and getting oxygen to all the cells, but they do not teach us not in health in seventh or eighth grade, not in high school, not even in college.  

    You have to go as I did and seek it out or be studying for some reason. As a naturopathic doctor, you learn a lot about the immune system because we all know if your immune system is not working and strong and functioning, which it cannot do without the lymph being pumped through the body if you have a weak defense system. We have a lymphatic pump. Few people know of it! 

  • Sudev :  Nice. Okay.

  • Marlenea : The reason we are discussing it now here on is that the immune system pump is activated through a full, conscious, optimal, efficient breath. 

    There's this news to most people. So, the doctors will tell you that you have a weak immune system if you do not breathe well. That was an amazing fact to me since I grew up with asthma and bronchitis and could not breathe well through my nose. I was a mouth breather, and you do not get that full optimal breath. 

    So, I had a weak immune system until I was able to turn it around through learning how to breathe properly and how to activate my immune system through that breath..

  • Sudev : Interesting.

  • Marlenea : Very, isn't it? Yes. How many people in your world do you know that could use a stronger immune system?

  • Sudev : Yeah, I'm sure everybody that I know.

  • Marlenea : The importance of the immune system came about very recently with a weak immune system in COVID. The people that number one off the top were impacted incredibly slowly.

  • Sudev : Yeah. The ones with the weaker immune system, right?

  • Marlenea : The weaker immune systems and those who weren't breathing properly anymore (i.e., seniors) and who were not getting outside, getting oxygenated through fresh air, breathing indoor air, and shallow breathing. 

    Breathing machines were very helpful for our seniors. The others were the very young, for a lot of reasons, newborns don't have a strong immune system of their own until it gets stronger. The lymph network brings the immune system to areas where the blood does not go. 

    Now, we are taught the blood, and the circulatory system brings oxygen, nutrients, and fresh blood to all the cells in the body. But actually, you will find if you continue your studies as a naturopath that the cells in the body, like the spinal discs, those spinal discs, the blood circulation does not go to them. 

    It's the lymph system that takes off where the blood does not go and brings you your oxygen and your nutrients. We exchange that cellular fluid in those spinal discs. So the network of the immune system is crucial because it goes to areas where blood circulation does NOT! 

    The lymphatic network starts right here with the lymph trunk underneath this bony part of your body, the sternum, right here is your lymph trunk. The lymph trunk then has in its system- the lymph nodes. We have lymph nodes for our neck and head. We have lymph nodes in our armpits, and we have groin lymph nodes. 

    From those lymph nodes, the lymph goes out to all parts of the body, picks up the garbage, so to speak and brings it back to the lymph nodes and circulates back to the lymph trunk. Our subject today, has to do with how to increase your immune system by activating this lymph trunk.

    Very few people realize we have a lymph pump. That lymph will stay right here in the lymph trunk until you take a full, optimal, diaphragmatic breath. You start with the diaphragm, breathing in that oxygen rises up into the rib cage and up into the upper lungs when you reach the top. And in that pause at the top of a full, conscious, efficient breath, the lymph from the lymph trunk will shoot up into the circulatory system. That is where the fact is, and the key as to how you get your lymph moving is that breath because at the top of a full breath. If you're a shallow breather, you aren't getting it, your lymph is staying in the lymph trunk already. So those are the main key things.

    Utilize your full breath. We all know the importance of the lymph system to help our bodies through this optimal support of your body's natural defense. We have a picture that we can show you through the health bounce, whether it's on a fit ball or whether it's on a rebounder or running, jogging, moving, stretching through that full breath, you pump the lymph out of the lymph trunk to circulate all the way through your body for your body's natural defense to work properly. The little sheet that you will see in front of you shows you a whole book on that. There's many of them, I just happened to bring this one today and the lymph is moved by proper breathing techniques.

    There are many breathing techniques. Yet, the adult body contains approximately five quarts of blood and 12 quarts of water. So, just as that circulatory system for the blood, there's also water in the bodies, make up the body water of the lymphatic fluid for your lymph. Bathe your cells in what is called extracellular and intracellular fluid. So, intracellular fluid is inside the cell, extracellular fluid is outside of the cells. It enters the cells and for the toxins and waste to be exiting through those cells.

    The most underrated purifying system in the human body, the lymphatic system, is an integral part of the immune system, moving debris from 17 glands and organs. And we talked about the lymph nodes yet it is also from 17 glands and organs this affects our mood. If you have a weak immune system, it also affects all of your glands, your endocrine system, and how that relates to how you feel about yourself and your day. 

    If you don't have your health, you don't have your wealth. It was Albert Carter with the immune rebounding certification that I got. That is his number one statement. “If you have your health, you have your wealth. If you do not have your health, you use your wealth to try and get it.” Yet, at the same time, without a strong immune system, utilizing a good full breath pumping that spinal fluid, no matter how much money you've got in the bank, you will not have your health.

    The primary cells of the immune system are the small white blood cells called lymphocytes produced in the lymph nodes, which along with other antibody-producing cells, can make up to 50% of the body circulating white blood cells floating in the interstitial fluid and the blood. These protective immunological weapons against foreign invaders, bacteria, viruses, fungi, foreign proteins, and allergens should constantly be cleansing the body to keep you disease-free and healthy. When you have a strong immune system and you are breathing properly, you have very little to worry about in terms of when things come around like COVID. 

    Very important.

    So just below the surface of the skin, you have what's called the outer immune system because it's outside of the organs and right underneath your skin. It is your first line of defense for anything the skin comes in contact with. That can be lotions, creams, bacteria, or fungi, it can be whatever's in your air, whatever's in your water when you are taking a shower or a bath. Your outer immune system is right underneath the skin and it is your first line of defense. 

    The doctor you may go to for the skin will let you know that there's a strong correlation between your immune system and chronic skin conditions. Problems with obesity and cellulite, which we don't think of, and male pattern baldness, which we don't think about.

    But that means needing that oxygen up to the top of the head and the lymph as well as many signs of aging and lymphatic stasis is what it is called a lymphatic system that is not functioning properly. That is like a river that starts out with melting snow and becomes a crick, a full rushing running river, oxygenating, splashing up all the time. But at any point, if any of that water and we are walking oceans of water gets stagnant. That is where your disease, bacteria, and parasites can all grow and make your home. 


    Your lymphatic system is very, very important and needs to be functioning properly. And in order to do that, you have to take a full breath to pump that lymph throughout your whole system. You can google about the lymph system if you want to know more. But those are the facts. Just breathe, use your breath to pump your lymph system, your immune system that fights all the diseases in your body, whatever may come along. 

    Thank you, Sudev.

  • Sudev : Thank you, Marlenea. That was too much for me to digest. I'll probably have one more session like this on some of the topics, but I'm sure the audience enjoyed it and that's a lot of information to digest. It will take years of experience to study this. I appreciate all the knowledge you shared, Marlenea.

  • Marlenea : I appreciate and being a practitioner here and working with you. Thank you, Sudev.

  • Sudev : Thank you so much. Have a great day. We'll talk again next week, right?

  • Marlenea : Yes.

  • Sudev : Thank you. Have a good one. 

  • Marlenea : You too. 

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