Memory Enhancment and Breathing

Memory Enhancment and Breathing


It is nothing new as in 1988 Columbia University long ago released a study showing a strong relationship between anxiety and poor memory - The relationship is particularly strong in young boys at risk for delinquency. 
Pine, et al. (1999). Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Vol. 38(3). 1024-1031.

But adults have the same tendency. It just seems more important with children due to their much needed developmental skills.

We now know that it is possible to regenerate nerve cells in the brain. Research shows that the hippocampus, the area responsible for forming memories, is capable of growing new neurons later in life. A study out of Princeton is showing what we can do to increase the likelihood of this growth occurring in our brains.

According to this study, new nerve cell growth is started by hormones out of the ovaries and adrenal glands. The new cells will either grow or die depending on the enrichment of our environment, learning, and reduction of stress. Gould, E., et. al. 2000. Biological Psychiatry, vol. 48(9), 715-720.

My memory improved in a few days on this program. 
Breathing Fundamentals and Better Breathing Exercise#2

Five key reasons:

  1. Slower, deeper, easier, more balanced breathing allows for improved CO2 oxygen relationship for better O2 saturation and uptake to blood and brain.
  2. Deeper, easier natural breathing patterns oxygenate the blood and brain.
  3. Deeper, easier natural breathing reduces constant over stimulation, organ breakdown and toxicity levels.
  4. These particular breathing patterns help establish and maintain attention stability so that the person remains in present time and not ahead of or behind the occurrence; on a moment to moment basis.
  5. They also lessen the fight or flight response and thus calm the adrenals and reduce excessive O2 usage.

I then added E3Live and my memory improved even more. The E3 enhances feelings of well being, transports oxygen to the brain and body and feeds numerous other cellular systems that help recovery and regeneration from stress and nutritional weakness. Vinpocetin and DMG helped even more. 

Our recommended program for memory.

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