Developing Human Energy And Managing It Naturally Without Prescription Drugs


To me, the secret of life is developing energy and managing it. Energy is comprised of clean air and water, living foods, moderate exercise, spiritual principles, brain usage and the way you breathe. 

Human breath rates can vary from 4,000 to 72,000 times daily. Our research favors 5-6 breaths per minute but there really is no average rate as breath rate depends on volume,  activity and conditioning. Generally speaking slower is better.  Anything you do that often can affect you in many many ways. Over 90 % of your energy comes from your breathing. Your breathing drives your nervous system including a great deal of influence on your heart rate. Oxygen is the primary product of breathing. The more difficult it is to breathe fully in a balanced and integrated way, the higher the oxygen cost of breathing.

If you do not have adequate energy sources as required by the biochemical systems of your body you divert and deplete oxygen stores and hinder breathing quality and effectiveness.


Negative ion charged clean air is the way air used to be before industrialization and the automobile. Sit next to a large waterfall or the ocean and feel the energy of the air. This may be a lot of why 80% of the world's population lives near the ocean.

Clean water aside from being needed for almost every cellular function in your body (H2O also contains hydrogen that converts to ATP, the primary energy currency) from the sky contains more oxygen than tap water because it has been devitalized by it's running through airless metal pipes causing a sort of friction that "burns" up oxygen. Rain in open CLEAN air will have natural ozone (O3), mingle with it and then the rain comes to us slightly richer in O2.  The moving water in a waterfall also attracts extra oxygen from the negative ions of the moving water.  Boiling, filtering or running water through city pipes kills the oxygen in the water.


Other efficient sources of energy come from enzymes both in live uncooked foods and those made by the body.  Remember falling asleep or feeling drowsy after a big meal? If you cook your foods you kill enzymes and make your body use up much of its natural energy that could be used for looking healthier, feeling more rested, getting more done and having more fun. 

Enzymes make all biochemical reactions occur. Enzymes are to biochemistry what catalysts are to chemistry. There are THOUSANDS OF ENZYMES.  They are the metabolic version of the Teamsters, warehousemen and chauffeurs; the hod carriers and people that do the "grunt" work. NO biochemical reaction occurs without them.  Supplement with digestive enzymes yes but do not expect supplementation to replace copious amounts of living foods.


is needed in most biochemical reactions.  When enzymes are adequate the body uses up less oxygen and oxygen can go to where it is most needed for healing and living.  Cooking foods above 120 degrees kills the enzymes and oxygen or natural organic hydrogen peroxide that was in the live food. It makes little sense to cook the foods that kill the enzymes and then take artificial stimulants like caffeine or drugs to make up for the energy the loss of enzymes and oxygen could have provided. Add concentrated oxygen to boost your O2 reserves.


is an extremely important source of energy conservation and facilitates the release of biochemical combinations that serve the energy chain reactions. If you are not eating 100% raw foods you had better supplement with some form of high quality digestive supplementation. Regardless of what you eat you must digest it.  


comes next but remember that if you properly digest your food the prospects for good assimilation are high.  


This reduces and holds in check the number of toxins that otherwise would divert healthy biochemical functions. Cleansing the body internally is an ongoing process.


belong in this list somewhere. I believe it is important to supplement your diet with both vitamin and mineral supplementations. Your activity level and lifestyle dictate the quantity and balance.  Read more


Moderate exercise allows for all systems to function better.  Excessive exercise often hinders healthy breathing development and causes damaging stress to the heart, lungs, brain, and all other vital organs. A treadmill or cross trainer, stationary bicycle or rebounder, combined with an oxygen generator can work wonders.


The way you see the world can greatly enhance or deplete your energy.  Toxic attitudes can be just as debilitating or deadly as noxious fumes. Study prayer, affirmation, the reticular activating system, and quantum shift.


There may be other valuable sources but for now these are familiar to me. Chakras (study anything of Anodea Judith), Meridians (study acupuncture or acupressure, Auric Fields - study Kirlian photography), Medical Intuitives - study Caroline Myss or Diane Frary (Pt Richmond Calif); Metaphysics and Science - Study Barbara Brennan  

The imbalance of these energy sources makes the others less efficient. Get the basics first. Do the above suggestions first. Do not risk trying to compensate using a lot of second-class energy sources in the get energy quick or synthetic hormone concentrate categories. They may be helpful but not senior to the above.

Can you walk up a steep hill and maintain a conversation? Do you feel tightness in the chest or shortness of breath? Are you more tired than you'd like to be? Do you want to lose weight and have tried almost everything and failed? Do you feel whole deep inside? Have good energy and want GREAT energy?  Want to sing or speak better? These and many other factors are addressed on our Free Breathing Tests page. These tests address many obvious and hidden factors that relate to breathing. Breathing relates to all aspects of energy.

Because breathing is one of the most important sources of natural energy and using our breathing development system is one the easiest of the above health and wellness priorities to make a significant improvement in, we suggest you start with our Fundamental program or Energy Development and Brain Train

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